Practice Groups are a great new way to study with Ari!

• Ten Week Groups with a small group of peers
• Meetings every week for 10 weeks!
• Specific practice assignments using the accompanying material. Each Practice session gets recorded and stays available to the attendees for the duration of the practice groups plus an additional ten weeks afterward.


Friday Groups continue…
Now NEW Saturday Groups available!

THE R1 GROUP – Returning To Music After A Break!

Played a long time ago but had to pause for life? Ready to rekindle your passion for music and your bass? This Group is for you!


I have found that players who took an extended break have different needs and preferences for learning than true beginners.

While this group will tackle very basic topics, it will be powerful for you to revisit what you knew and let me show you how to build on it.

While backgrounds may vary in this group, You all will benefit from reviewing the basics of theory and reconnecting with what your fingers once knew.

FROM 5-15-2021 TO 7-17-2021
$370 Or 2 X $195


• You have vague memories of whole notes and half notes, but it’s been a minute. You have the sense that it may come back to you with the right hints and direction.

• You know what it’s like to make music – you enjoy those memories and are eager to pick up where you left off!

• You don’t feel like a beginner but you know you need some refreshers to get yourself back to where you were.

• You have a lot to share about your past musical experiences.

• If this is you – Don’t miss another beat! Join us!

Pattern Group – Intermediate – Group (P1)

If you have been hoping for a Practice Group for my Pattern System… here it is!


What is this Pattern System? The most powerful way I know of learning the fretboard and the patterns of music. It truly will, as it says in the subtitle of the book, Sharpen Your Musical Mind Through Fretboard Proficiency, Improvisation and Mental Practice!


If you read my first book – or took our Music Theory for the Bass Player Course – or Cohort  then you are the perfect candidate for this Group!


If you’ve been a player for a while and want to remove the layers of doubt between you and the fretboard Then this group will blow your mind!

FROM 5-15-2021 TO 7-17-2021
$370 Or 2 X $195

Level Info of the P1 Group (Is this you?)

• This is the perfect next step after completing Music Theory for the Bass Player!

(Alternatively: have foundational music theory knowledge)

I do quick recaps and refreshers:

Know the basics of:

How the bass fretboard works

Technique, such as being able to play scales and triads

Note naming

Triads and four-note chords

Scales and modes

Pentatonic scales

Diatonic cycle (will review)

The EarTraining Group

Looking to train your ears?
Tired of relying on TAB or being confused by different rhythms?
Feeling like a painter who can’t quite see?
Realizing that you need a whole lot of practice to make your ears soar with confidence?
Or maybe you have my Ear Confidence Course but haven’t managed to effectively practice on your own?
Then this Group is for you!


• To get great ears you need great practice.
• The right practice.
• Regular practice.
• Join us bass in hand, because the kind of ear training we are doing is super applicable, highly hands-on, uses improvisation, and is very musical.  Includes rhythmic ear training and transcribing.

FROM 5-15-2021 TO 7-17-2021
$370 Or 2 X $195


  • You have pretty good ears in some ways but not so good ones in others.
  • You sometimes get confused by sounds and aren’t sure what to listen for.

  • You have never thought about sounds and their emotional undertones and how this can help your ears (and your playing!)
  • We start from scratch, with the basics. And we practice. A LOT! You feel you can benefit from that!


Must qualify to sign up. If in doubt, contact us.

The B2 Group

This group is Part 2 of our B1 group that started in March and is going strong
B1 attendees, sign up for B2!


Sign up for B2 if you are in B1.
(If you’d like to participate but are unsure about level, contact me via the contact TAB. More important than level is your familiarity with my teaching methods.).

1PM Pacific/4PM Eastern/9PM UK
EVERY FRIDAY FROM 5-14-2021 TO 7-16-2021
$350 Or 2 X $185
Early Adopter “Thank you” price continued!


B1 (attended in person or re-watch on your own)

(some one-on-one students may qualify, determined on an individual basis)

Pattern Group – P2 GROUP

This group is Part 2 of our P1 group that started in March and is going strong. Sign up for P2 if you are in P1.

11AM Pacific/2PM Eastern/7PM UK
EVERY FRIDAY FROM 5-14-2021 TO 7-16-2021
$350 Or 2 X $185
Early Adopter “Thank you” price continued!


P1 (attended in person or re-watch on your own)

(some one-on-one students qualify, determined on an individual basis)

Practice Group Overview

Meet on Zoom with Ari

Weekly meetings for ten weeks

Sessions are one hour each week

(reruns available, but best to join live)

All sessions organized in an appealing course portal


Depending on the level, each practice group will have a different main topic. To spend a productive practice hour, we will practice a variety of key areas. To check out some topics of your particular group, go to the signup page to see a curriculum outline)
I will draw from several of my programs to cover:
• Technique
• Rhythm and groove
• Reading
• Theory
• Groove creation
• Creativity
• Fretboard knowledge
• Soloing
• Reading
• Styles and repertoire
• Ear training
I have a lot of experience catering to a variety of skill levels and getting you the biggest bang for your buck (practice buck and other buck!). Depending on the topic of the group, I will draw from several of these areas to create a comprehensive, well-rounded program that takes you from milestone A to milestone B.

If you are on the beginner side of things, join the Beginner’s Practice Group
If you have done our Music Theory for the Bass Player Course and are interested in the Pattern System (note: I recommend it!), choose the Graduates Group
If you were looking to get private lessons with Ari and are in the intermediate level, ask us about upcoming and current Practice Groups.
We will offer a variety of levels. Ask us if you are unsure.

Watch the rerun, but do your best to join live. We will have various slots available, including ones that work better for non-US participants, so you can easily find one that best fits your schedule!

No. If you are in the Cohort, focus on the Cohort!
(However, if this is your second [or third] time through the Cohort, you have a good idea if you can handle the additional activity. The P1 Group is designed for Graduates of the Course, so it may be a great fit for you. If this is your first Cohort, however, please stick with only that!)

In the Cohort, you go through our course, Music Theory for the Bass Player with a group of peers supported by coaches and mentors. You get the group experience and – in the higher tiers – support and feedback from the teachers. It is a 40-week course with weekly homework assignments that you are expected to submit.
You get support from Ari and Wolf (the course creators) via monthly Q & As. The content is the material from the book, but goes way beyond (how to build grooves, improvising using music theory, technique to name a few). It is very focused on a specific subject matter. Because of how the course is designed, a person with a lot of knowledge will be able to do the course with high facility, where a less experienced player will focus on just the basics. It works well for a variety of levels and even highly motivated beginners have done well in Cohorts (or even self-directed study of the course).
Practice Groups differ in that:
• they include a variety of topics (including many not in the Theory course, such as the Pattern System, basic playing techniques, rhythm and specific ear training)
• they are great for complete beginners

A bit nervous is a good sign. Many things worth doing come with varying levels of excitement. Join us. You are welcome here. As are late starters, self-proclaimed nervous nellies, air-guitar players and everything in between. Choose the level that fits (beginner?) and go for it.
What’s important to us is that you:
• Are willing to learn
• Have a bit of discipline
• Keep an open mind!
• Willing and happy to support your bass friends who are in the same boat as you!

Pick the right level. The Pattern System themed groups are a terrific option for example.

Yupp! You will get concise instructions. About 30 minutes five times a week will do wonders. Short and consistent practice beats sporadic marathon sessions every time! And the nice thing is, the environment is designed to keep you nicely motivated. We also give precise, specific instructions on how to practice so that 30 minutes will do wonders.

Yupp, just like everyone else. But it truly is “all about ‘da bass”… so if you’d prefer to keep your face out of the shot just show your hands and bass, that’s cool.
Anonymous is fine as long as you have a fun avatar and cool screen name

You don’t need to but everyone in the group will be invited to volunteer. You can learn a lot by stepping up onto the stage.
And remember, we only accept attendees who are enthusiastic cheerleaders for everyone who is here to learn. So it’s a great environment to step outside your comfort zone a little…

15 to 25. We found that to be the sweet spot!

All you need is an internet connection and Zoom. Most computers have cameras built in, if yours doesn’t, a simple Logitech webcam will do. For sound, you don’t need anything fancy. Great if you have it but not necessary. I will show you some tricks in the first lesson to optimize sound. Don’t let tech stop you. To test your current set up go to!

• Short scale basses, U-Basses as well as acoustic bass guitars, headless basses, etc. are all fine.
• Fretless and upright basses will have their own specific classes. Fretless welcome, if (only if) it is the only bass you have or play (else best to wait for specific fretless groups)
• Five and six-string basses welcome (slight adaptations for exercises will be made but in general, >4- stringers should be able to easily follow along with the four-string session. I will give tips on how to include all strings for your practice)

This is worth a conversation. Email me and I can advise outside of your lesson time.

Yes, absolutely! I am booked solid and openings are rare at the moment. These groups work (we tested them!) and offer a great alternative until an opening does occur. In all of my one-on-one sessions, I use material from my various step-by-step programs- just customized to the individual. In the group settings, we get a nice blend of personal attention and my highly successful and effective step-by-step signature programs.
Plus, you may discover some unexpected advantages of the group format:
• The group format – while very focused – is also nicely relaxed!
• Some people learn better through absorption and watching others rather than being put “on the spot” by the teacher!
• You will hear and learn from questions that others ask that you hadn’t thought of yourself
• Supporting others helps you learn!
• Meeting with your group once a week provides great motivation and inspiration!

Yes and no. I ran these tests to gather specific info about this online group format (on levels and group sizes for example!)
The experience itself will be a bit similar in that you are on zoom with everyone but nothing like it in that it will be interactive, include homework and backing tracks and will be tightly focused on a well-rounded plan with lessons that build on top of each other each week.

If you feel you are not placed correctly after the first session or that this is not for you, email me immediately after the first session; we will either refund you or move you to a more suitable group.

Yes. You can select the installment plan that breaks the total into two smaller payments. Click the down arrow on the purchase page.

Stay in touch for potential future offerings by making sure you are on our newsletter!


“Ari has a holistic approach to bass education, focusing not just on transferring knowledge, but also cultivating a healthy philosophy for learning and playing. Her teaching style is fun, with a nice dash of humor, and I immediately felt like I was learning from an expert friend.” – Ian Molee, B1

“I can’t begin to tell you how much I have enjoyed the B1 Practice Group! For an old guy who hadn’t touched a bass for literally 50 years, your teaching strategy has facilitated retrieval of some deeply buried muscle memory and has immensely enhanced my understanding of music theory for the bass—a big win for me!” – Scott Boyd, P1

“These practice groups are unlike anything else you will find on the internet. Ariane Cap is a master musician and educator, delivering laser-focused lesson plans in real time with a small group of students grouped in skill levels, so there are many opportunities for all to receive valuable feedback and perform for each other. She is efficient, effective and encouraging. Her lesson plans are structured to build on each other week by week developing technique, improvisation and mastery of the fretboard. She teaches you how to practice with focus and purpose and stay injury free. If you are serious about becoming a great musician, she is the teacher for you!” – Tracie Whitelaw, P1

“On a random note – This morning I was listening to a podcast about Confucius and apparently, he summed up his approach to teaching as “I lift one corner and you lift the other three.” The point being he gave the student enough to discover the rest on their own. This reminded me of your teaching style with the practice groups, which I find very beneficial.” – Laurie Kadair, Theory Book

“I am really enjoying the P1 group lessons. The more I learn, the more I realize I don’t know yet! Thank you Ari for awakening my mind!” – Al Bader, P1

Keep me in the loop for future groups!

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