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Does the bass guitar sound good when played solo?

  30.07.2017   Ari   Creativity, Tips   No comments

Solo Bass Playing? To some it is a sacrilege – using bass outside of the band context, using bass for anything but grooving in a band. I challenge that view

The Horrors of Errors

  26.07.2017   Ari   Performance Hacks, Tips   5 Comments

The Horror of Errors In this article I answer a question on quora about errors. Errors are a difficult topic for me personally because I have a history of being

Efficient Practice Hacks: Sleep!

  19.07.2017   Ari   Practicing Hacks, Tips   10 Comments

Learn in Your Sleep or: Put Your Bass Under Your Pillow for Maximum Practice Effect. Wait, what? In this article I talk about the magic window of learning we get

Learning Channels: My 5 for Bass and How to Use Them

  17.07.2017   Ari   Practicing Hacks, Tips   5 Comments

Learning Channels Ever played a piece over and over and it still failed to “stick”? No matter how often you repeat it, when you return back to it it feels

Efficient Practice Hacks – How to Take Breaks

  13.07.2017   Ari   Practicing Hacks, Tips   4 Comments

It’s a no-brainer, you practice, then you take a break, right? True, but, even that process of taking breaks can be improved upon and hence make your practice session significantly

Efficient Practice Hacks – Creating Feedback Loops

  9.07.2017   Ari   Practicing Hacks, Tips   No comments

I recently wrote on Feedback Loops, and I got a few questions on it. So I wanted to go a bit deeper on the topic, particularly, by giving you examples

Adapting Patterns for Four-, Five-, Six-string Basses

  5.07.2017   Ari   Learn, Pattern System   1 Comment

Adapting The Patterns for Four-, Five-, Six-string Basses – Surprisingly Easy and Not What you Might Think I have been getting a few emails lately with questions about The Pattern

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