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Are all Dominant Chords Seventh Chords?

  27.02.2020   Ari   Learn, Theory and Improv   4 Comments

Do dominants, secondary dominants, or tritone substitutions have to be seventh chords? You might think yes. But really, no…. This deserves further explanation which I provide in my response to

The Rainbow of Modes (Video, Student Feature)

  20.02.2020   Ari   Learn, Theory and Improv   No comments

Really hearing the modes It is quite fitting to use a song about the rainbow as a teaching tool for the (often dreaded but oh so beautiful!) modes… Watch my

Groove Creation Station – New Course!!

Fresh off the printing press… This course that Wolf and I created for Truefire is now available!           Probably one of the most frequent requests I

The point of DIMINISHING returns…

Is it true that when music calls for a diminished chord, it really means a diminished 7th? Ahh… the diminished chord. It does cause confusion. Because one needs to be

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