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Tritone Tricks on the Bass – Rule the Devil’s Interval

Tritone Tricks on the Bass – Rule the Devil’s Interval

tritone tricks

Tritone Tricks – using ’em for big effect on the bass

I got a question about the tritone. What is it and what can it do for me on the bass?

Oh, it is all about tension and resolving it in wicked ways. Unless it’s a blues context, then we quite like that tension.

I show you how to use the tritone in this article.

Tritones are all pretty and symmetric on the fret board, too, so it looks nice, which is a bonus. According to my interval formula (watch video by that name on this page)  it is a 1 by 1.

Ask not what the tritone can do for you, ask what you can do with the tritone – for starters:

  • The tritone substitution and
  • A cool way to use tritone tricks in a blues ending…

If your browser does not display the text box below, please click here to read my article with videos and book excerpts.

Read Ariane Cap‘s answer to How can you apply tritone on bass guitar? on Quora

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