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3 Pro Ways to Tune a Bass (And a Cool Bonus Trick)

3 Pro Ways to Tune a Bass (And a Cool Bonus Trick)

Ariane Cap shares tips on how to tune a bass

In this video, I show you three ways to tune a bass, like the pros do – and only one involves a tuner! 

If you ever wondered what to listen for or are unsure how to hear whether you are on pitch or off, this video is for you!

Plus, I share a bonus technique to tune a bass that comes in super handy when it’s loud and you have no tuner! Wait, what? Yup! You got this! 

What are you waiting for? Grab your bass and let’s get in tune!

My favorite Tuners:

Great clip on Strobe Tuner
Great clip on Snark
TC Electronic Polytune Pedal
StroboStomp Pedal Tuner
Simple Pedal Tuner
Popular Boss Pedal Tuner
Korg Plugin Tuner + Metronome
Simple Korg Plugin Tuner

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