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Easy Going Practice Group Sample

Easy Going Practice Group Sample

Practice Groups? How does this work?

Maybe you have heard of our new teaching format:

  • live on zoom
  • ten weeks
  • Practice Groups of various topics.

We get it it’s a bit hard to imagine, so I wanted to share a screen grab view. (Actual view of the student will show a full screen size speaker’s view, this is just to imagine the classroom)

This is an excerpt selection of one of our recent Easy Going Groups:

These are small groups in which we practice

  • Theory
  • Technique
  • Improv
  • Songs
  • Lots of rhythm
  • Ear training

We spend a productive hour on bass together. Once a week!

  • If you miss one, it gets recorded.
  • You get jam tracks and PDFs.
  • Available for ten more weeks after the end of the sessions.

Just show up and plug in. It’s low stress, high effectivity!

Join us! We got one starting today, 8-6-2021, and tomorrow, 8-7-2021!

SIGN UP HERE and choose one of the Easy Going Groups! 

We have a Friday and a Saturday group to choose from.


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2 Replies to “Easy Going Practice Group Sample”

  1. Sorry, but I can’t make the time this session. It sounds like a great thing; are you considering another session after this one?

    1. The best thing is to subscribe to the blog to be updated on our programs. We usually offer more than one slot, in this case Fridays or Saturdays. Would love to see you in our groups, Eric!

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