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Great Short Course: Make Theory Stick – With This Fun Trick

Great Short Course: Make Theory Stick – With This Fun Trick

Make Theory Stick Ariane Cap

Make Theory Stick – With This Fun Trick

Does this describe you?

⇒ You can play tabbed basslines but cannot freely create your own lines, fills, and variations?

⇒ You sense that there is some underlying logic underneath recurring sounds but cannot quite put your finger on it?… you are onto something… 

The answer can be found in decoding Music Theory!

Learning theory can be super educational (and fun!) if you use my simple trick!

In this short course, step by step, I show you how to choose notes to create your own grooves and before you know it you have learned a super useful scale (and – most importantly – how to use it!)

Learning something new means the most if you can use it right away in your playing.  

Even if you have a good handle on theory, this course is a fun review, super applicable and I have a lot of fun as I am teaching you some building blocks until an important scale has snug up on you. 

Learn my trick-that-will-make-it-stick!

  • Accessible and fun
  • Great adjunct to our other classes
  • All new concept and material
  • Highly useful!
  • An hour of video chock full with exercises, improvisations and groove creation tools
  • PDFs and jam tracks!
  • One-time tuition of $35.00
  • One Hour of course material that will keep you busy for a lot more!
  • Lifetime Access!

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