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Current Course Participants 

Yes, I have kept my promise to you – whether you were an early bird or signed up any other time with any plan – you got grandfathered in!

All the new features, no increase.

This is my thank you to early adopters and loyal course ninjas!

You already received an email with instructions on how to switch over for free.

If you missed that email:

  • just go to and click Sign in top right
  • input the same email address you used on the blog
  • click Reset your password
  • Watch for an email that starts with noreply@…… (check spam folder!) 
  • Click on that, reset your password (you can use the same password or a new one for the old platform)
  • and you are in! Now click DASHBOARD top right to see the 20 units!

Avoid snags:

  • Use your email, not your old username.
  • Don’t try to use your old password without clicking “Reset Password” first.
  • Check your spam folder for the reset email.
  • Make sure to use the right email address. You may have used a different email to sign up for the Book Videos. Use the one from the course. (You can change your preferred email later in account settings to any email address you like!)
  • Yes, there will be a zero purchase showing in your new account. That is because you are grandfathered in. If you need a receipt or need to keep track of your payments (or change an expiring credit card), please do so in the old account. If you are on the payment plan: make sure to keep your payment info updated until the 5 payments of 49.95 are completed so you don’t lose access.

Any issues, we are here!

Once you are in, tell us how you love it 🙂




  • jenn
    October 17, 2018, 08:36  Reply

    one key thing to remember for the URL for the new platform location is that the new platform has the “righton” in the URL. in order to access all coursework going forward, go to INSTEAD of

    • October 17, 2018, 08:58

      Thanks for the comment, Jenn!
      The place to login for the old is
      We will redirect this particular page as well as all the course material soon, then it will be all the same place. We are just leaving the old platform up for a little while longer.
      Anyone hitting any snags, email through the contact form.

  • MartinA
    October 17, 2018, 22:51  Reply

    Guten Morgen liebe Ariane,
    Dein Angebot „Music Theorie „:
    Wenn ich es jetzt kaufe, muss ich dann auch jetzt loslegen oder kann ich auch ab Januar damit beginnen- bis Mai?
    Es grüßt dich deine Martina.

    • October 17, 2018, 23:10

      Hallo liebe Martina, du kannst jetzt kaufen um zu sparen und anfangen wann immer es dir gut ausgeht. Du hast Lifetime Access, es geht also nie weg. Es kommen dann nur ein paar Reminder emails, die kannst due einfach sammeln und lesen wenn du dann anfängst 🙂

  • gaffeld
    October 19, 2018, 16:45  Reply

    Digging the new platform! The old one wasn’t bad, but the new version is waaaay better…Thanks!

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