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How to make your music practice more effective

How to make your music practice more effective


Discover invaluable insights on how to make your music practice much more effective with this informative video. Gain practical tips and techniques specifically tailored for bass guitarists, allowing you to enhance your musicality and reach new levels of proficiency.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, Ariane’s expert advice and engaging teaching style will empower you to practice your music better and unlock your full potential on the bass guitar.


How to make your music practice more effective

Video Transcript

No, it’s not the wrong strings; it’s not the wrong bass; it’s not the wrong amp; and it’s not on YouTube either. I have four suggestions for you:

1 – Deep practice. it is also called deliberate practice. This comes from this book. Instead of putting in quantity time when you practice, focus on quality time.

2 – Small bite-sized chunks. Short videos are a great way of going about doing that. All you gotta do is press play and practice along. It’s just like watching a workout video where you exercise along with it.

3 – Group support. Can take many forms: coaches, peers practicing and learning together, maybe even a local lesson. This works really well for some, and,

4 – Feedback. Feedback from a teacher and from yourself through recording.

Hope this was useful. These are just a few tips on how you can get your attention and focus back.

I am playing on my Marleaux Consat

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