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New Free Live Streams on our Facebook Group and on YouTube!

New Free Live Streams on our Facebook Group and on YouTube!

Get fearless ears livestream

These free weekly streams are practice gold for your ears…

They are free –  they are useful – and they are easy to join.

Get Fearless Ears!

If you are overly relying on TAB to learn songs, you probably realize that’s a bit of a crutch. We offer a very deep and comprehensive Eartraining Course.  Even if you don’t sign up for this course, you can still  greatly benefit from my weekly live practicing sessions. Just practice, join us, just like you take your weekly Zumba class! In true quarantine fashion it’s virtual, of course!

Look out for Event Announcements in the Facebook Group!

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If you are interested in Ear training for the bass player… check out our ear Training Course…

Ear Confidence - Six Paths to Fearless Ears

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