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Fast Fingers (TT #4)

Fast Fingers (TT #4)

Let’s Talk Technique of the Right Hand…

In this episode (number 4) of Talking Technique it is all about the right hand technique. Fast fingers… maybe you have been doing just fine with your right hand technique, but when those speed bumps arise it is definitely time to take a closer look. And, as always, does it sound even? I got a tip for you there!

Today we’re talking technique with the right hand and getting those fast fingers. I’ll be going over the two finger alternating plucking style, which will get you through most playing situations.
Oftentimes, players get wrapped up in coupling their right hand and left hand processes when playing patterns. I recommend making alternating your fingers an automated process so you don’t have to think about which finger to use. That decouples your left hand from your right hand to free up your creative flow and timing.
We’ve got several patterns and approaches to clean up your right hand technique.


Here is the post on notreble.com
Comment here, comment there… let me know how it is working for you!
I use Marleaux Basses and Dean Markley Strings. TC ElectronicsPedals, cabs and amps! Fretwrap byGruvgear.
(Ariane Cap is an official endorser for all these fine companies.)
Thanks to Wolftrackaudio.com for audio post production.

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5 Replies to “Fast Fingers (TT #4)”

  1. Ari,
    I am a huge fan of your material, the book, trufire lessons and blog.
    I am not a fan of the new headset and mic. I like the smaller unobtrusive one better, it’s less distracting.
    Fond regards.

    1. Thank you, Jeff, glad to hear!
      As for the microphone that is good feedback. The sound is great, but I am having a few issues with it (it gives me a headache). The one from before picks up too much room sound, so we are experimenting. Cheers!

  2. Hélio, Ariane
    Your teaching is excelent. I am Stallone waiting for music Theory and in mean tome i bought the pentatonic download version that i am exploring in a crescent apetite!
    Best regards
    António Lobo

  3. Thanks Ariane!
    This is good stuff and I just found out that my changing is not consistent 🙂
    Now I got some new things to work on!
    I love your precise teaching – and the speed of your fingers is amazing, too 😀

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