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Odd Meter Made Easy!

Odd Meter Made Easy!

odd meter Sting

Oddly enough this trick will make feeling an odd meter like a 7/8 rhythm much less difficult.

…and yes, Sting inspired this!


Video Transcript: Odd Meter made Easy!

The seven is kind of jarring you know, every time you expect the downbeat to come a little later than it does. So it kind of throws you when the downbeat shows up an eighth note early.

But in that tune the bell of the drums goes straight through so every other bar is coinciding with the downbeat of that bell and the other bar in between is coinciding with the upbeat of that bell and that creates a much more calming overall feeling. 6….7…

[🎵[🎵[🎵 Ari Playing Bass [🎵[🎵[🎵]

As you were seeing, I was trying to mark out with my body the bars where the downbeat is and the bars where the upbeat coincides with the metronome. iI just feels like you fall into this odd meter rhythm every other bar

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