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Pedal to the Metal (TT12)

Pedal to the Metal (TT12)

Pedal to the metal

Put the Pedal to the Metal

Looking for some ideas to shed technique metal-style?
In this Talking Technique episode on notreble.com  I explore playing a minor pentatonic scale with the roots in between. That can start sounding pretty heavy! Let’s explore some variations and look at the technical challenges and how to address them. I also take another look at why I think playing the roots in between is a good technical – as well as theory exercise.
Today’s tip has to do with relaxing your face – and why that is important.

I am playing my Votan 4 XS by Marleaux.
Amplification: TC Electronic amplifier
Strings by Dean Markley – SR 2000
No Fretwrap today, but when I use it, that is by Gruvgear
Many thanks to WolfTrackAudio for sound engineering!
Pedal to the metal

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2 Replies to “Pedal to the Metal (TT12)”

  1. After reading and watching a few of your blogs/videos I just want to say that it’s clear that your music-making and ability to communicate what you know, it transcends ‘mere’ bass playing, although applied to and centered aound it.
    As a multi-instrumentalist I sense it very clearly. Hugely helpful, and inspiring.
    Salutes! / John Fritzell

    1. Thank you very much, John, for your nice comment. Nothing is more wonderful to hear than how my writing and videos are perceived. Happy music making on all those instruments 🙂

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