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Put the Pedal to the Metal

Looking for some ideas to shed technique metal-style?

In this Talking Technique episode on  I explore playing a minor pentatonic scale with the roots in between. That can start sounding pretty heavy! Let’s explore some variations and look at the technical challenges and how to address them. I also take another look at why I think playing the roots in between is a good technical – as well as theory exercise.

Today’s tip has to do with relaxing your face – and why that is important.

I am playing my Votan 4 XS by Marleaux.

Amplification: TC Electronic amplifier

Strings by Dean Markley – SR 2000

No Fretwrap today, but when I use it, that is by Gruvgear

Many thanks to WolfTrackAudio for sound engineering!

Pedal to the metal


  • John Fritzell
    April 2, 2017, 06:25  Reply

    After reading and watching a few of your blogs/videos I just want to say that it’s clear that your music-making and ability to communicate what you know, it transcends ‘mere’ bass playing, although applied to and centered aound it.
    As a multi-instrumentalist I sense it very clearly. Hugely helpful, and inspiring.
    Salutes! / John Fritzell

    • Ari
      April 2, 2017, 10:46

      Thank you very much, John, for your nice comment. Nothing is more wonderful to hear than how my writing and videos are perceived. Happy music making on all those instruments 🙂

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