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Scale Drills for Fills – Applied Creatively!

Scale Drills for Fills – Applied Creatively!

Scale drills for fills applied

Scale Practice got you down? Try this and apply it!

Remember the “drills for fills episode” on notreble.com a while back? We got the question if I could demonstrate how to use these scale drills in fills. You ask, I answer. Here is the reply and a PDF to follow along and play those fills.

Practicing scales…

  • is a useful and powerful to gain understanding of how music theory works,
  • perfects your ears,
  • puts material under your fingertips that will then come out creatively.

So why not practice them in ways that are more fun and give you material that sounds better than the straight up and down scales?

 Here is how, with examples.

I recommend to incorporate the scale drills into your regular practice regimen. When you have them under your fingers, they tend to show up spontaneously in your playing. Nothing is more thrilling than to hear these fills and cool lines come out of you and surprise you. In order for that to happen you want to have them under your belt. A few weeks of regular practice will usually do. Then be ready to surprise yourself!

As always, let me know in the comments how you are getting on or if there are any questions at all!




Here is the episode on no treble or watch and comment here:


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5 Replies to “Scale Drills for Fills – Applied Creatively!”

  1. This is a great lesson – Drills for Fills Applied! A PDF is mentioned but I can’t seem to find how to access it? Can you help? Thanks. Dominick

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