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Skippy T-Shirt Poll – Please give us your Input!

Skippy T-Shirt Poll – Please give us your Input!

Which Skippy should grace our T-Shirt?

I’d like to tell you about the star of my new book “The Pattern System for The Bass Player – Sharpen Your Musical Mind Using Fretboard Proficiency, Improvisation and Mental Practice” (by Ariane Cap with Wolf Wein)

His name is Skippy McBeat and he is a vintage metronome with a bit of an attitude and also a lot of wisdom.

As you make your way through the book you learn how to use Skippy effectively – when to use him, when not to use him and why. And at what tempo!

While Skippy is super helpful to help your groove and more, his main job in this book is to help you think ahead when playing.

Imagine no longer chasing after the notes or not knowing what it will sound like before you play. Skippy will lead the way so you can express the music inside your mind with confidence and command.


So, he is a wise one, and if used correctly, will make a huge difference in your playing!

He needs to be celebrated, and what better way than to feature him on our T-Shirt! But which Skippy? We have so many in the book- so we picked out a few of our favorites, but we need your help!

This is where we need your input: Which Skippy should grace our special Shirt?

Click your favorite image to vote! (We will keep voting open until noon Pacific on Sunday and then announce the winner!)


We have a winner!

Check out the stats…. quite overwhelming! Number 5 will be gracing our new TShirt!Ariane Cap Skippy MacBeat




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