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Stop picking on pick players!

Stop picking on pick players!

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Got a request to answer this question about pick use.

What do you think? Do you play with a pick? Your fingers? Both? Why?


Read Ariane Cap’s answer to Why is it looked down upon when a bass player uses a pick? on Quora

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4 Replies to “Stop picking on pick players!”

  1. My view is whatever gets the job done , use it. I enjoy very much using both. After starting with a pick, then switching to fingers (because I kept losing picks), now I went to using both. After listening to Paul Goddard, Allen Woody ,Berry Oakley, and Bobby Vega it seems a pick is quite useful. On some basses I prefer it always.

  2. I like trying to use the pick. It definitely produces a different sound and feel. I love Bobby Vega’s tone and I am a big fan of Cody Wright, both pick players. And it certainly seemed to work out for a certain bass player in the most famous rock band in history.

  3. I have always played bass with my fingers but now I am fighting arthritis in the first knuckle of my index finger and so I’m trying to play with a pick. Since I can use a pick on a guitar, the mechanics of playing a bass with a pick aren’t too foreign but the bass tone is different. Not a bad sound just different. Since Sir Paul used a pick AND fingers why can’t I. I just want to continue playing.

    1. Of course you can! Go for it!! Plus for many styles, pick is the thing to do. Keep rocking! Wish you well for your fingers!

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