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Tapping a Marleaux Six

Tapping in Frankfurt, Musikmesse 2015

Gregor Fries of Bass the World invited me to grab a Marleaux bass and do a little impromptu video at Frankfurter Musikmesse. I had just walked straight off the plane directly on the floor. I love basstheworld.com. Thank you Gregor!

Musikmesse is  a loud and bustling place. Gregor always gets creative with his mobile video set up. Direct in, headphones, go. Very cool and very easy. This Marleaux bass has silver inlays. It is a custom Consat.



And this happened in 2014…



Bass by Marleaux.



I use Marleaux Basses and Dean Markley Strings. Fretwraps by Gruvgear, pedals, amps, cabs by TC Electronics. (Official endorser of all these fine companies).

Thanks to Wolftrackaudio.com for audio post production.


  • scott
    March 24, 2018, 12:14  Reply

    What gorgeous basses! What kind of wood is the custom Consat?

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