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This Talking Technique Hit Home: “Burps”

This Talking Technique Hit Home: “Burps”


This particular Talking Technique Episode got a lot of views, thumbs up and shares.

You can find three gems in it:

  • phrasing straight versus “swung” – even if you just play quarter notes
  • creating a rhythmic variation that enhances any walking bass line
  • how to practice any variation systematically (a bit bland sounding) so that you then have mastery over it and can use it at will on any beat (awesome sounding)

Of course, you can also find the tips for proper technique in it. And a recommendation for one of my favorite bass books.

What do you think, are you up for some “burps” in walking bass? They are often referred to as “skips” as well.

Here is the transcription

By the way, it all started when Lionel asked about these “burps” (his expression) in this episode on “Killer Dead Notes“.


And learn more about music theory for the bass player, including stylistic analyses and walking bass in my course, Music Theory for the Bass Player.

Music THeory for the Bass Player The Course

Recorded on my Votan Marleaux

Dean Markley Strings

TC Electronic Amp

Revsound Cab

Sound by wolftrackaudio.com

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3 Replies to “This Talking Technique Hit Home: “Burps””

  1. Great lesson! I wonder if The Jazz School would have copies of Mike Richman’s book. I played with him years ago, and as far as I know, he is still on staff there.

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