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Triad Drill on the Bass

Triad Drill on the Bass

triad drills on bass

Practicing anything through the cycle of fifths is a great idea.

However, you can optimize your effectiveness by doing this…



Practicing anything through the cycle of fifths is a really good idea. However, the way the bass fretboard is laid out, it’s very tempting to find some sort of symmetric figure and just move it around the strings. We are tuned in fourths – the inversion off the fifth.

For example, if I give myself a goal to practice major triads through the cycle, I can do it like this – I’m going to go to the left, cycle of descending fifths: C F Bb Eb Ab Db and then before I know it, I’m just weaving that pretty shape through the entire fretboard.

It’s nice and well, but you can up the challenge by doing the following: Try to stay in one position. I’m gonna grant you one fret but that’s all you’re allowed to move. First finger on the second fret now try to do the same drill – major triads through the cycle, but stay put as much as you can. C F Bb Eb, I moved for the record, Ab Db Gb B. I’m moving back, E A D G C. Now do that in several areas of the bass – it’s a really good drill.

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