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Two-Handed Tapping on bass with Hammer-Ons and Pull-Offs

Two-Handed Tapping on bass with Hammer-Ons and Pull-Offs

2-handed tapping technique drills

If two-handed tapping on the bass flummoxes you, try this drill. With one hand stationary and the other hand moving up and down a mixolydian scale, you have a good start. Double up the tempo and keep the flow of the movement in the hands. Pull Hammer Hammer Pull… all the while just listen to the click!


One minute tapping tip with Ari [🎵 Ari demonstrates 🎵]

Pull-off/Hammer-on. Do not move this finger. It stays!

Bring in the right hand – quarter notes. Move the right hand up and down. G mixolydian works well [🎵 Ari demonstrates more 🎵]

Eighth notes Variation: double up the tempo and you get 16th notes [🎵 Ari continues to demonstrate 🎵]

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