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Upper Structure Pentatonics: Thinking inside the Box (Talking Technique)

Upper Structure Pentatonics: Thinking inside the Box (Talking Technique)

Pentatonics Boxes Upper structure pentatonics
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Thinking Inside the Box: Upper Structure Pentatonics

If you have been following me for a while or if you have taken any of my courses, you know that I am big on boxes. Boxes, as in box shapes, as in 0f course pentatonics. After all, pentatonics make up a huge percentage of what bassists play so knowing how to use the right ones at the right time is a must. Don’t think of them as beginner stuff or boring, all things I have heard people say. Nothing could be further from the truth! In this episode of Talking Technique I use a “Little Box/Big Box” blueprint on the top two strings only and we will use them for “upper structure” coolness, IOW, they sound super hip for solos! Just because it is fairly easy to do doesn’t mean it can’t sound awesome!

Enjoy upper structure pentatonics!

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2 Replies to “Upper Structure Pentatonics: Thinking inside the Box (Talking Technique)”

  1. What do you use to make fretboard diagrams? I’d like to make my own, and I could do it in Illustrator, but I’m wondering if there’s something simpler.

    1. I use my own fretboard paper. We designed it with best learning in mind. Download it from the RESOURCES tab in the menu here, 4/5/6 string! What I do is I load it in a PDF editor (Preview on the Mac) and then add dots. Even better, for learning, though: download it, print it and then make dots with a pencil. Handwriting helps us learn!!

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