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Persuasive Point For Good Bass Technique

In this blog post I will put a bit of attention on the importance of good overall bass technique when playing and tell you about an awesome experience I had

Intervals – Ultimate Introduction! (BB#6)

This video is an introduction to intervals. In it, I tackle everything from interval quantity, quality, major/minor to diminished/ augmented. And I make sense of the question why E to

The Value of Pauses for Practicing

How can we influence our habits? Specifically of interest for musicians – our practice habits! How can we reach our peak potential? How can we make our time in the

Talking Technique #1: Ari on

Talking Technique: Ari’s new series on I am very excited to be a contributor on one of my favorite bass websites,, as of today. I kicked off my series about

Bass Bit 5: Dots Exercise for Note Finding (BB #5)

Another Great Note Finding Exercise: Dots on the Fretboard Here is another note finding exercise that is quite simple in its set up, but that can turn into quite a

Q&A: Playing Chords

Q&A: Playing Chords Brian S. asks: Do you find string spacing to be an issue with your chord playing?  Meaning do you want smaller string spacing or wider string spacing

Bass Bit 4: Free Lesson on Notes: The Notefinder (BB #4)

The Notefinder This is a very powerful exercise to start you off towards knowing the notes on the fretboard. I have covered this exercise in the Cycle videos as well, but based

Bass Bit 3: The Range of the Bass (BB#3)

BB #3 The Range of the Bass (Free Lesson) Short and sweet, Bass Bit #3 gives you a little excerpt of chapter 2, talking about the range of the bass (page 10)

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