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A Great Way to Shed a Scale Effectively!

A Great Way to Shed a Scale Effectively!

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Scale shedding (this is Pattern VI in the key of A major for those of you have my Pattern System book!) is on tap here.

Ever wonder why just knowing the notes of a scale doesn’t mean you know how to use it? Well, it’s not you, more than likely it’s just the way you are practicing the scales. There is a myriad of ways – here is a great one using some classical embellishments.

Join in as we go from shedding the fingering to understanding how it’s built. Not the easiest scale either – A major in Pattern VI in Area I for those who do the Pattern System. If not, don’t sweat the naming, just get it under your fingers! This form starts with the root on the pinky!

Links mentioned in the video:
Why I dislike the WWHWWWH method
Ari’s ultimate shortcut to major scales


Here are the assets used in the video:



Musical use/Theory



What scale degrees are you playing up the scale?
How about with triads?




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