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The Alternate or Rake Debate!

The Alternate or Rake Debate!

Alternate Plucking

To Alternate or to Rake?

With your plucking hand, do you alternate, rake, or just wing it? 

I am pretty well known for my stance on that – alternate in most situations. In this video, I explain why. 

And I give you a dreaded drill into which I packed just about everything and the kitchen sink! Can you alternate your index and middle fingers throughout this demanding right-hand plucking exercise? 

This video provides the ultimate challenge for your plucking hand. It incorporates pedaling, permutations, and string jumps. At times you will go with the grain of the hand just to go against it for the next few beats. If you do it correctly you will start with the opposite finger on repetition so you cover all options with both fingers. 

Can you alternate throughout? 

I call this exercise “The Alternator” for a reason!

Print off the free exercise transcription to follow along with the video – and to practice these challenging exercises. It’s the ‘right’ thing to do – and that is true for left- and right-handed pluckers!
Originally published on notreble.

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