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Practicing Tip: Make it Emotional
Ari | 27, October

Practicing tip: If you want to remember something, make it emotional. Very often we can vividly recall times/moments of our lives that were very dramatic or loaded with emotion (good or bad). This means to me that we were very deeply involved with a given situation. We were living it with great intensity. And this

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Talking Double Stops
Ari | 06, October

Talking Double Stops! This Talking Technique Episode was very popular. Check out why. Double stops add drama and excitement to a bass line. Technique, music theory and groove creation are front and central in this episode. Enjoy!   Audio processing, consulting, background tracks: Wolf Wein at Played on a Marleaux Consat Straight. TC Electronic for amplification and pedals!

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Two Octave Triad Fills: A very cool Talking Technique Episode
Ari | 16, September

Two Octave Triad Fills: Talking Technique! In Episode 19 of Talking Technique I show you a cool way to come up with fills. These involve triads, descending. To make them convincing, we figure out how they lie just right so we come out on top of the next bar with big effect. I am very partial

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The Cycle of Fifths – Why? What? How Does it Make me a Better Player?
Ari | 02, September

Cycle of Fifths? What? Why? It is completely understandable that the Cycle of Fifths often creates confusion and disconnect for bass players. Unlike classical musicians, many bassists do not come from sheet music, but from shapes and patterns. Note heads on five lines don’t seem to bridge the gap to understanding the value of the cycle, where ears,

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Why learn Intervals?
Ari | 29, August

Just got this question in from a course participant. I know it is on the mind of many players, so here is a blog post answer, basically to the question: What is the role of intervals? Or, as I hear these questions and similar ones sometimes: Why learn intervals? How do you understand the role of

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Talking Triads!
Ari | 29, August

Talking Triads I am very partial to practicing triads all over the fret board. They are a great technique workout and usually sound great. That is groove material right there. But how to best finger them and how to best play them in all positions of the fretboard? That is what this episode is about. And

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Beautiful Practice: Diatonic Triads in open position
Ari | 26, August

Diatonic triads in an open position through the Diatonic Cycle Who knew music theory exercises can sound so Bach-esque and pretty? In this episode of Talking Technique on I explain: what diatonic means what diatonic triads are what I mean by “diatonic cycle” and then I demonstrate this in all areas of the bass according

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Modes on a String (TT 16)
Ari | 20, June

Modes on a String (TT 16) I love the sounds of modes… My theory (ha!) is that sometimes folks are a bit trepidatious about them because their names are all, well, maybe Greek to you. But they are just built from three sequences of whole steps and half steps, as can be practiced and demonstrated

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Right Hand Thumbs Up (TT15)
Ari | 10, June

Right Hand Thumbs Up (TT15) Where to put my right hand thumb when playing? That’s a question we got from a reader. Great one! Gives us an opportunity to talk about the thumbs playing angle, muting using the right hand, and more. And a tip that is right in line with right hand considerations. Here is

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