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kinked straw crooked kinked fingers
Kinked or crooked fingers? Here is relief!
Ari | 13, July

When I wrote my book, Music  Theory for the Bass Player, me and my editors went back and forth (and forth and back!) about using the description of “kinked fingers” in the Technique Chapter! My editors wanted me to use the word “crooked” instead. It’s a subtle distinction between the two, but the word crooked just didn’t

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triplet triplets swing walking bass
Triplets in Walking Bass Lines
Ari | 05, July

Working on Walking Bass? Creating an interesting walking bass line over changes is one part art, one part science (music theory) and a whole lot of feel . Well, how can we turn this somewhat cryptic recipe into a useful recommendation for walking chord changes to give your own lines an instant lift? Walking bass

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fret buzz
Buzz off, Fret Buzz! (Buzz-free Bass tone)
Ari | 22, June

Got a fret buzz that is just not going away? A fret buzz can really be putting a damper on the joy of playing. Here is help: First – check your set up! Maybe your truss rod is not adjusted correctly, or you have a fret sticking out that is causing the buzz. Take your

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dominant subdominant tonic functions Ariane Cap Music THeory for the bass player
Tonic – Subdominant – Dominant – Why you need to know
Ari | 15, June

If you have ever opened up a music theory book, you will see the “functions” of chords within a scale. They are famously named: The “Functions”: Tonic, Subdominant, Dominant Tonic (that’s the chord built on the first scale degree) Subdominant (that’s the chord built on the fourth scale degree) and Dominant (that’s the chord built

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hearing the modes eartraining
Hearing the Modes – Made super easy!
Ari | 08, June

Remember the shortcuts to Modes from last week? Here is a great ear training exercise to hearing the modes. It is so amazingly easy, it is wild. Remember there are three major modes, three minor modes and one mode that is in a class of its own. The three major ones: ionian lydian (with the

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Kala Ubass give away
Kala UBass Give Away – Winner Chosen Tomorrow
Ari | 08, June

Remember to enter to win the beautiful Kala UBass! That lovely Passenger Kala UBass will be drawn very soon! Repeat submissions encouraged! Lucky winner, get ready! Terms and Conditions here! Repeat entries encouraged. It sounds awesome, check it:  

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Modes course music theory for the bass playe aeolian ionian phrygian lydian mixolydian
Are the Modes all Greek to You? (Super Short Cut!)
Ari | 01, June

Are you Mystified by the Modes? I have a theory (not a music theory in this case, ha) which is that some are eyeing the modes with suspicion because they have such complicated sounding names. As always, I aim to simplify things and point out the deliciousness of the musical topic at hand. Modes, dear

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This Talking Technique Hit Home: “Burps”
Ari | 25, May

This particular Talking Technique Episode got a lot of views, thumbs up and shares. You can find three gems in it: phrasing straight versus “swung” – even if you just play quarter notes creating a rhythmic variation that enhances any walking bass line how to practice any variation systematically (a bit bland sounding) so that

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Privacy Policy Updates Info and Thank You
Ari | 25, May

First of all, thank you for being here, reading, learning, grooving along. Whether you are subscribed to our newsletter, read the blog, are part of our course or have the book and watch the free videos that come with it – a big colorful heartfelt thanks! Undoubtedly you have heard that a set of new

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