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Why I dislike the WWH WWWH Method for Creating a Major Scale
Ari | 16, May

You have all heard the advice… Create a major scale with the formula W W H W W W H – which of course stands for whole step – whole step – half step – whole step – whole step – whole step – half step Don’t. Just don’t. Here’s why: It’s a mouthful! It’s way too

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Lydian Dominant
A Cool Scale to use over a Dominant: The Lydian Dominant Sound!
Ari | 09, May

Dominant 7#11 – The Lydian Dominant Sound Dominant seventh chords are all about tension! Why? Quick reminder, there is a tritone between the third and seventh of a dominant seventh chord that begs to resolve since hundreds of years. Western harmony (the “functional harmony” part of it!), you could say, is built on that resolution

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Ariane Cap 4 5 6 string basses
Switching Between 4, 5, and 6 String Basses (Video)
Ari | 25, April

Multiple Basses – Switch Routines! (Talking Technique) Love options? Me, too. I have 4-string, 5-string and 6-string basses (I know there are way more, but those three serve all my needs). Sometimes when switching from one to the other, it takes me a second to adjust. This is even true when using different basses with the

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Dmin sus min sus
“Dmin sus” Chord – Talk About a Contradiction!
Ari | 18, April

Dmin sus or “D minor sus” Dmin means a D minor triad, the root, flat three, and perfect fifth. D sus means a triad without a third. The third is suspended, in favor of the 4 (or, if specified as sus2, the 2), so typically root, perfect fourth, perfect fifth. Or, in the case of

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bass player magazine Ariane Cap
Bass Player Magazine Interview
Ari | 10, April

Bass Player Magazine Article It is a huge honor to find myself in this month’s Bass Player Magazine with a great interview that Joel McIver conducted.   Other players featured in this edition are: Shez Raja Jeremy Lenzo Bill Wurtz David Friesen Max Moran Horace Panter Jeff Hughell Stuart Clayton Heike Mueller Andrew Taylor-Cummings Gabe

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create your own basslines
Why We Want You to Create Your Own Basslines Right Away
Ari | 03, April

Why We Want You to Create Your Own Basslines Right From The Start Have you been playing for quite a while and been mostly copying basslines and learning songs instead of being able to create your own basslines?? Get me right that is a valid way to learn but it is quite limiting if that

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Eb or D# C minor C min C- triad
D# or Eb? Why it matters
Ari | 28, March

A Quoran asked whether it matters to call the middle note of a C minor triad D# or Eb D# or Eb? Oh, yes, does it ever matter. Read my answer below. It is comprehensive, yet as always I like to give you shortcuts and immediately usable tricks. You can skip straight to the tricks

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Sweet Emotion Bass Aerosmith
Sweet Emotion: Bass Intro (Talking Technique)
Ari | 14, March

Sweet Emotion Bass Intro The iconic Aerosmith song “Sweet Emotion” boasts a killer bass line. And because the bass starts the song – you must do it convincingly straight from the very first note with a consistent feel and at tempo! No margin for error, as all eyes and ears are on you laying down

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melodic minor Ariane Cap breaking the rules
Music is often mysterious… (Breaking the rules)
Ari | 06, March

It’s a fair question… after all, we learn to identify which key a piece of music is in, and we carefully think about functions of chords… there are all these rules in music theory and then it seems music itself breaks them left and right. So, why do some notes stray from the family and

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