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Side by side comparison: Old versus New Platform
Ari | 14, October

Want a sneak-peek? Check it out! The new Platform is now OPEN! Tuition going up October 20th! Enroll now and SAVE! ENROLL NOW

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How to get into the new platform if you are grandfathered in
Ari | 14, October

Current Course Participants  Yes, I have kept my promise to you – whether you were an early bird or signed up any other time with any plan – you got grandfathered in! All the new features, no increase. This is my thank you to early adopters and loyal course ninjas! You already received an email with

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music theory for the bass player
The New Platform is OPEN!
Ari | 11, October

Obsessed with Your Success
And we are incredibly proud to unveil course 2.0 – now open on the new platform!
To say we are obsessed with making this course the best it can be so you will excel on the bass is an understatement: since November 2017, I and the A-team have been tweaking, creating, re-creating, testing, pulling our hair out, testing and enhancing yet again. Night-shifts and lots of coffee!

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music theory for the bass player the book
Happy Birthday, Music Theory for the Bass Player!
Ari | 05, October

It was three years ago in September when I had finally finished Music Theory for the Bass Player! And it had taken me just as long to write it! Many writing retreats to carve out time, even students giving me their keys to summer homes and huts so I could work without distraction… rounds and

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On Becoming an American Citizen…
Ari | 26, September

It’s an American Dream story for sure…. The desire to study music in the American tradition brought me to this country. Then the dream of entrepreneurship blossomed and possibilities galore opened up. Thank you, America, for welcoming me! And thanks to Rich Freedman for a great interview, published in the Vallejo Times Herald!

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music theory for the bass player hour glass PORA
Three minutes? Yes, three minutes! The Power of Focus
Ari | 21, September

“C’mon Ari, how you say I should do this exercise for only three minutes – I haven’t even scratched the surface!” Well, actually, if you do it right, that is really all the time you need for the type of practice I have in mind. And when you do it right, you will make more

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Fill fills
To Fill or not to Fill?
Ari | 06, September

We are getting all Shakespearean here but it is indeed that deep (ha!) of a question: To Fill or not to Fill? Whether ‘tis nobler in the mind to be content always staying in the background or to take arms and make a fitting statement? Whether it’s worth the risk of getting chastised (or fired)

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solo groove groove solo
Oh my, they want me to solo: Super Simple and Effective Strategy!
Ari | 24, August

Called to solo and feel cold sweat coming on? Wrestling with a million thoughts in your mind and feeling like you have to now play a million notes to impress everyone with your chops, speed, loudness, and amazingness? There is lots to say about soloing effectively (more on that coming). But if this is new

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dexterity drills
Video: Got Dexterity?
Ari | 17, August

These Wicked Dexterity Drills are just what the Doctor ordered… First published on notreble, this dexterity regimen effectively addresses several common issues: coordination between the right and left hands independence of all fingers, but especially the third and pinky fingers more comfort with one-finger-per-fret string crossing speed training Dexterity is all about coordination It’s a

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