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Efficient Practice Hacks: Sleep!
Ari | 19, July

Learn in Your Sleep or: Put Your Bass Under Your Pillow for Maximum Practice Effect. Wait, what? In this article I talk about the magic window of learning we get right before we drift into dream land. Another opportunity to maximize your practice bang with just a small pre-sleep routine. It is really easy and

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learning channels
Learning Channels: My 5 for Bass and How to Use Them
Ari | 17, July

Learning Channels Ever played a piece over and over and it still failed to “stick”? No matter how often you repeat it, when you return back to it it feels as if you are starting from scratch? Don’t worry, there is nothing wrong with you. Likely you just never learned how to practice effectively. Focusing

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Efficient Practice Hacks – How to Take Breaks
Ari | 13, July

It’s a no-brainer, you practice, then you take a break, right? True, but, even that process of taking breaks can be improved upon and hence make your practice session significantly more effective. How you take those breaks, the spirit in which you take breaks and at what intervals all plays into how much you will

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feedback loops
Efficient Practice Hacks – Creating Feedback Loops
Ari | 09, July

I recently wrote on Feedback Loops, and I got a few questions on it. So I wanted to go a bit deeper on the topic, particularly, by giving you examples of “how not to” and rather “how to”. It helps to have examples  – whether it is to improve yourself or others! Make sure to

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Adapting Patterns
Adapting Patterns for Four-, Five-, Six-string Basses
Ari | 05, July

Adapting The Patterns for Four-, Five-, Six-string Basses – Surprisingly Easy and Not What you Might Think I have been getting a few emails lately with questions about The Pattern System. The Pattern System is a systematic approach of getting the fretboard down, learning to think ahead (great for the groove!) and being able to

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ISB PORA video
PORA Video: Watch the Method in Action
Ari | 04, July

The best method I know of for habit change is the PORA method. I learned the basics of it at the University of Music in Vienna, Austria, refined it over the years and created a step-by-step infographic. Get the scoop and a video I did for ISB here.        

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cello suite Ariane Cap
Bach on Bass: Cello Suite #1 on Electric Bass
Ari | 30, June

New playing video play list: Bach Cello Suite #1 in its entirety I recently released the entire Bach Cello Suite #1, all seven movements, on youtube. Let me know how you like it, please give a comment and a thumbs up. Bach is an amazing teacher. Notice how the bass lines weave through the chords…

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Powerful Questions to Ask Yourself
Ari | 26, June

The Right Questions at the Right Time… When a student is interested in working with me, I send them an in depth questionnaire. Why do I ask you questions? Am I not the teacher, the one who is supposed to have the answers for you? Besides the fact that I genuinely want to know the

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Paul's Bass Matters
Paul’s Bass Matters – New European Wall Chart Source!
Ari | 22, June
European Wall Owners - Rejoice! Shipping to Europe - Now Awesome! I am fully aware that even the lowest shipping costs I could obtain to ship to our European friends from California were still - ridiculously high. Of course I have no control over that, it's not like I am a big warehouse or Amazon,
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