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Steady Track
Our New Steady Track
Ari | 10, January

In case you haven’t heard yet… Music Theory for the Bass Player – The Course now comes in a bit of a more relaxed version: you get more time per unit.   When you sign up for our Course, Music Theory for the Bass Player, you receive new material at a weekly schedule. We set

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magic music theory
Does Knowing Music Theory Take the Magic out of Playing Music?
Ari | 02, January

I have heard these sentiments about the magic of music over and over: Doesn’t “knowing” get in the way of pure “feeling”!? Aren’t you constantly analyzing when you know theory? Doesn’t knowing what you are doing take the magic out of playing? And on and on people go, assuming that somehow knowing what you are

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Student Feature Silent Night Adrian Pop
Adrian’s Silent Night Rendition
Ari | 22, December
Student Feature: Adrian Pop Today I received this email and video from a bass player, a student of the course and an avid follower of my blog.  It makes me so incredibly happy to read from course participants who dig deep in the course and make the material their own! This is the kind of
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New Year's Cohort Ari's Bass Course
New Year’s Buddy Support Cohort!
Ari | 18, December

Is “Practicing More Bass” one of your New Year’s Resolutions? It’s that time of the year again when we once again decide that “next year” will be the year we: shed a few pounds hit the gym three times a week eat more veggies and of course, practice five hours every day and sound like Jaco

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strap length
How Low can you go? (Strap length for Bass)
Ari | 12, December

Strapped for answers about strap length? How low can you go? Down Low for Maximum Cool Factor Picture this: Headbanging on stage, the bassist pounding the strings hard – sometimes with his fist – he’s loving it and the audience is feeling it! The bass hangs low – so low you can barely see his

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SIlent Night
Surprise your Family with a Christmas Song Solo Bass Style!
Ari | 05, December

My favorite Christmas song – Silent Night – for solo bass Learn it now! Enjoy my solo bass rendition of my favorite Christmas song which also happens to have been written by a fellow Austrian. I have two versions for you – an easier one and a tougher one. First, here is the tougher one:

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Time Limited Offer for the Course: Off to a Great Start!
Ari | 21, November

It’s that time of the year again… sales everywhere. I get the allure (and often necessity) of them, believe me! We used to offer them, too, for the course: Black Friday, Memorial Day, July 4th… …but we don’t do these types of sales anymore. For a bunch of reasons. The main one being that this

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Why are pentatonic scales used for instrumental solos?
Ari | 07, November

A Quoran asked about pentatonic scales in instrumental solos, I answered. It is a good question. Did you, for example, know that the pentatonic scale is a slice right out of the cycle of fifths? Just stack four fifths on top of each other and there is your major pentatonic (well, you have to put them

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Practice with a Purpose
Practice with a Purpose
Ari | 02, November

Practice with a Purpose! Related article: Why “Just keep playing is not working!” Are you a “weekend warrior” looking to up your game, but always pressed to find time to practice? Or maybe you’re just starting out and not sure where to begin when it comes to practicing?  In both situations, you may find yourself

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