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Pi mnemonics
Remember How You Remembered Pi? (On Bass Mnemonics)
Ari | 26, September

“May I have a large container of coffee?”  This handy mnemonic never made it to my German speaking  classroom back in high school, but it would have come in handy to remember those elusive digits that make up the mysterious Pi! Mnemonics are one of my favorite ways to learn and teach because they work

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sus chords
Sus2, Sus4, Sus7 or just plain Sus? I’m in Suspense!
Ari | 19, September

Ah, sus chords! Sus means suspended – what we are suspending here is the third of the chord, so a sus2 or sus4 chord is essentially a chord with “something else” instead of the third, which leads to it being less stable and not defined as major or minor. This “something else” can be the

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phonetic alphabet for the bass player
The Music Theory for the Bass Player Spelling Bee…
Ari | 12, September
It all started with marveling about the note H in the German musical alphabet and me being on the phone trying to spell something akin to Oachkatzlschwoaf (which means tale of a squirrel where I come from!). English is not my mother tongue. The way German is wired, we just don't spell like they do
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rhythm changes
The Ultimate Shortcut to Rhythm Changes
Ari | 05, September

What does “Rhythm Changes” mean? We refer to “Rhythm Changes” to a chord sequence made famous by George Gershwin’s tune “I Got Rhythm”. The A section of this tune features a two bar phrase with chords changing every other beat, like this: I chord, VI chord, II chord, V chord. In the key of C:

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melodic minor Ariane Cap
A Melodic Minor Key With Three Sharps…?
Ari | 29, August

Let’s talk melodic minor for a second. It is a beautiful scale. What is it? It is the natural minor scale (AKA the sixth mode of the major scale, aeolian minor) with the raised sixth and seventh scale degrees. In classical theory it makes a difference whether you ascend or descend… ascending means sharpening the

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B and H in German
To B or not to Bb? Or to H?
Ari | 24, August

The International Musical Alphabet… Are you from a country other than the US, where quavers make you quiver (rather than eighth notes), where Do means C, or sharp means “crosse“? Feeling like you need to relearn pretty much everything from scratch as you foray into the land of YouTube videos, international teachings and real books,

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Great Bass line Ariane Cap
How do I Make a Great Bass Line as a Bass Player?
Ari | 17, August

Play in a band and asked to contribute a great bass line to a song? Happy jamming and want to take it a step further? Writing a song from the bottom up? Being Able to Create a Great Bass Line From Scratch is a Useful, Rewarding and Learnable Skill! While some great bass lines are

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Ariane Cap BJ Fogg Motivation Tiny Habits
Low on Motivation? The Power of Tiny Habits
Ari | 07, August
A Tough Place to be It can strike without warning or creep up slowly over time- this feeling of being in a lull with our instrument pursuits: burnt out, joyless, completely without motivation to pick up the beloved bass. It makes no sense, because you know that you are a bassist at heart, you know
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ariane cap fretless bass guitar
Converting to fretless?
Ari | 03, August

How difficult is it to convert from fretted to fretless bass playing? While I don’t recommend to convert fully – both fretless and fretted have their uses – read in my article below what I recommend to keep in mind. The transition is so much easier if you have a solid one-finger-per-fret regimen under your

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