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RevSound Clinic Ariane Cap
Rare in-person Clinic on the East Coast: For the Love of Tone
Ari | 21, January

East Coast, Anyone? Come join me for this cool live Clinic! Please join me for a rare and free in-person clinic in Burlington, MA! There will be break-out sessions, master classes, concerts and more. Check out the featured artists, gear samplings, and sponsors on the poster above! RevSound is the company putting on this clinic

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Pivot Permutations
Pivot Permutations Series (Talking Technique)
Ari | 10, January

Pivot Perms… If you have been following my prescriptions for good bass technique you have come across my recommendations for permutation exercises (powerful technique exercises to get your fingers nimble and moving independently from each other, yet in sync with your plucking hand); check out the basics of permutation exercises here, a few variations to

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2018 New Year snapshot
New Year Snapshot: Skills Assessment Sheet
Ari | 04, January

Happy New Year, Bass Blog Friends! Ah, a fresh start! 2018 is here and a new adventure begins. In a way, it is just a date on the calendar, but since our time on earth in our current form is limited, a new year is always a milestone, reminding us of that fact while feeling

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see Ariane Cap Eyes
Close Your Eyes and See in New Ways…
Ari | 25, December

Eyes closed…. When I wrote this article for notreble about playing without looking at the fretboard, about the micro and macro ways of feeling the instrument and how that can help us practice and play better, I did not at all expect to receive an email such as the below. Thank you, Eric, for sharing your

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saga of the charts
The Wall Chart Saga or: Grab them while you can!
Ari | 18, December

                Behind the Scenes of the Wall Chart The response to the music theory wall chart has been off the charts, so to speak! I calculated that since the chart went up for pre-sale on April 1st 2017, we fulfilled hundreds of orders in house, shipping to 42 different

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The Course as a Christmas Gift?
Ari | 14, December

Looking for a Christmas Gift for the Bassist in Your Life? Our Course shows up on a lot of Christmas lists this season. If you’d like to give the course as a gift, we can create a lovely stocking stuffer for you. It looks like this:       Just purchase the course and forward

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slippery slope cancel
Never Cancel Your Lesson For This Reason…
Ari | 11, December

I get it, you had all the best intentions since the last lesson, but just didn’t get to as much practice as you had hoped. • Maybe there was no way you could have done better (the kids started school, the dog was sick and there was an emergency at work). • Or you know

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How to get the most out of your Video Learning Experience – Tips and Plug Ins!
Ari | 04, December

Hey, Ari, can you play that again a bit slower? Totally! Found some new tools… check it out! Ever watched a video and would have loved to have it go by much slower? Such as when you wanted to figure out what a musician is doing and needed it slower? In the course, watching the

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Music theory for the Bass PLayer
Why I don’t do Black Friday (or any other) sales on the 20 Unit Course anymore…
Ari | 27, November

Why I don’t do Black Friday (or any other) sales on the 20 Unit course anymore… Okay, guys, please stop asking… Last time I ran a sale on the course (Memorial Day) it was massively successful. Wow, what a weekend! Unbelievable! What them marketing people say works, aye?! I took a few days off if

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