What is the list order of sharps in the key signature of Cb major?

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My Beef…

Many theory books teach the cycle of fifths without the crucial explanations of Why?, and then they list the “order of flats and sharps”, again without the Why? Okay I got a bit of a beef with that. My pet peeve. A pet beef…

What we are really doing here, is building major scales, getting to the keys and keys ignatures. And while we of course can do that using the good old time tested Cycle, I prefer to:

  • use a much easier and faster method to figure out the make up of a scale and how to name it without driving yourself crazy with sharps and flats and double flats! —> see the article.
  • and, instead use the cycle of fifths for much more exciting things such as
    • using it as a practice tool
    • using it to analyze songs
    • have some super jammy fun with it
    • make pretty mandalas to understand how note relationships work.

And since we are talking beef…

that whole “WWHWWWH” thing is lost on me just the same. I prefer knowing the relationships (ie intervals!) of every single note within the scale to the root.


  • Less counting!
  • Less miscounting!
  • Thinking relationally rather than linearly
  • You know how the notes will sound within the scale context
  • It’s closely related to chord naming -> useful!
  • Helps to understand how the scale and chords are put together!

But I digress with my beefs and pet peeves here! The question reveals confusion that we can clear up easily. This will make your life much easier. Hope this helps! Check it out! If you cannot see the Quora Box below, click here

Read Ariane Cap‘s answer to What is the list order of sharps in the key signature of Cb major? on Quora



  • james
    May 4, 2017, 19:27  Reply

    Was there supposed to be a functional link in “double flats! —> see the article.”

    • Ari
      May 4, 2017, 21:50

      Yes, it works fine here, displays the entire article in the browser window, but can also click on the headline to read it on Quora. Are you on mobile? Sorry it is not working for you, would like to trouble shoot… help 🙂

  • James
    May 6, 2017, 08:11  Reply

    Thanks for the response. I see the Quora article “What is the list order of sharps in the in the key signature of Cb major?” It is at the bottom of the article. I just kept thinking some part of the words or one of the words in “see the article” was going to be hyperlink. I am using Chrome on a Mac. Hope to see you at the Bananas event. I bought my bass at that store.

    • Ari
      May 6, 2017, 13:47

      Hi James, these words are all hyperlinks for me:
      Ariane Cap’s
      What is the list order of sharps in the key signature of Cb major?
      Are you saying they are not hyperlinks in your case? That is not how it is supposed to be. Thanks for alerting me, I try to repaste the quora iframe. When you check please let me know what you see

  • May 8, 2017, 16:29  Reply

    The “hyperlinks” do not work for me either. Perhaps there is another link cation where this can be obtained? You website?

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