Fretless Bass for an intermediate Bass Player?

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DIva fretless by Marleaux
Marleaux Diva Bass

This is a Diva by Marleaux. It has 26 “frets”. Or, rather, it would be more appropriate to say it doesn’t have 26 frets, since it is fret-less. You get the idea. But any brand will work. My first fretless was an Alembic where I removed the frets. That is a nice way to get used to a fretless model as well: remove the frets from a fretted bass you are used to and fill with a color sawdust (I’d have that done professionally!) that gives you barely visible lines.

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  • ALG
    April 13, 2017, 17:05  Reply

    What a beautiful bass! Need to put that on my shopping list …..

  • bergstrom.mike
    May 3, 2017, 20:35  Reply

    Victor would have let me have the 5 string!

    “yes, Michael, rock the 5”

    Just sayin’

    • Ari
      May 3, 2017, 20:43

      Lol. Go and rule them all. Just stick with one thing for a minute when you practice. My 2 bitcoins…

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