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Happy Walls… The Wall Chart (AKA Music Theory Cheat Sheet)

Happy Walls… The Wall Chart (AKA Music Theory Cheat Sheet)


The wall chart – AKA the Music Theory Cheat Sheet – has arrived on walls all over the globe…

New orders are pouring in every day. We have shipped to 17 countries and 35 US states so far. The pre-order phase has passed, but you can order it here.

Did you pre-order? A big huge thank you for pre-ordering, if you did! Without pre-orders such an ambitious and difficult project would not have been possible. It took us four months of designing, testing, re-designing, dealing with printing, shipping and fulfilling (with lots going not as planned). If you were one of the early adopters: thank you very much for helping make this possible! If you all are interested I will post a behind-the-scenes saga of the wall chart. All that can go wrong and did and all you never thought could possibly go wrong and still did. Still, we managed to ship on time. Our house was full to the ceiling with tubes and boxes… Needless to say we made it and your pre-orders really helped make it happen!

I have created a three part tutorial that will help you use the wall chart most effectively: three videos, 45 minutes total of effective wall staring-instructions!

Check out the videos on

I am very happy how the chart has been received so far.

Many people tell me

  • they really like having the foundations of music theory in one place,
  • that it saves them a lot of thumping through the book when they want to make connections between the material,
  • and that it is great to have all the concepts at one glance,
  • and also that seeing the fundamentals of music theory laid out on an 18 by 27 chart really makes it less intimidating!

The wall chart is now up on amazon.com and of course also still available here on this site.

If you got a cool wall, a funky frame, a hip wall clock right next to it… please send. I love seeing them happy walls all over the world…

Here is a happy UK wall, big thanks to Barry Skeates!


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