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Music Learning Tip: Chunking! 

Music Learning Tip: Chunking! 


💡Chunking = reducing the complexity of a problem by breaking it into smaller bits and then grouping those bits into chunks. It will help you memorize and learn music.

What does this look like in music?

#1: Practice short bits, then “chunk” them!

🧩 Pick a small bit – a verse, a bar, half a bar. Practice the small bits. Practice getting in and out of the bit. Then, line up bits into a practice chunk!

1. Practice Bar 3
2. Practice getting into bar 3
3. Practice getting out of bar 3

1. Practice Bar 4
2. Practice getting into Bar 4
3. Practice getting out of bar 4

Now practice bars 3 and 4 together. That’s your chunk!

#2: Analysis

🎼 Scout for common theory concepts like triads, scales, common chord progressions… This turns individual notes into chunks that are easier to memorize: 1625, triad arpeggios…


#3: Make a Map – Mental or Written

🗺 Learn the form by way of milestones: Intro, Verse, Chorus, Bridge…  If classical, stake out spots that stick out (natural phrases). 

Then talk through your map. 
Play thru only by playing the first few notes of each milestone! 

Chunky music learning:


#1: Practice short bits🧩, then chunk the bits!

#2: Analysis 🎼 – identify chunks!

#3: Make a map 🗺 of your chunks and play just the first few notes of each bit! 

What other ways of using the chunking technique for learning music can you think of? 

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