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Octaves & Chromaticism

Octaves & Chromaticism

Ariane Cap Octaves and Chromaticism - notreble Talking Technique 73

Who would have thunk that just by using two main concepts, octaves and chromaticism, could open up so many fresh ideas… and they certainly can!

In this episode of notreble’s Talking Technique series, I tapped into my idea factory to show you several ways to use octaves and chromaticism – peppered with slides and hammer-ons (every good recipe needs a little spice, right?) – to make your groove creations come alive!

If you ever felt like your bass lines and grooves were sounding too “same-y same-y”, this short lesson provides a remedy that you can add to your toolbox and help reenergize your bass lines!

So grab your bass and let’s go through this together and let’s see what you can come up with.

Oh, be sure to download the free PDF first so you can follow along.

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