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Rhythm’s Gonna Get ‘Ya: Shuffle v Straight! (Video 1 of 5)

Rhythm’s Gonna Get ‘Ya: Shuffle v Straight! (Video 1 of 5)

Rhythm’s Gonna Get ‘Ya!

But you’ll be ready if you watch my brand new Mini-Series on Rhythm. Five bite-sized, but info-packed videos that will take the mystery out of a few rarely talked about, but super important and sometimes tricky aspects of rhythm. First up is:

Straight Versus Shuffle

Afraid to stray from the straight and narrow (rhythmically) for fear of getting lost in the shuffle?

Learn what the difference between a straight rhythm and a shuffled rhythm looks and sounds like, and how such a subtle difference can make a huge difference in the feel of the tune. I demonstrate each different rhythm separately and side-by-side so you can catch the full effect of difference.

Shuffle your mouse on over to this video – the first of five in this mini-series on rhythm!

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7 Replies to “Rhythm’s Gonna Get ‘Ya: Shuffle v Straight! (Video 1 of 5)”

  1. Great and valuable video. Ari is a great bass player and expert teacher.

    If you are watching this and have not bought her book or video I recommend them.
    Although I have been playing for over 30 years (on and off, bits and pieces) there was no real knowledge of theory and techniques.
    These are now taking me to the next level. Too bad it took me this long to find these teaching aids.

  2. Great lesson, Ari. I particularly liked the way you likened shuffled and straight to round and square sensations. I feel those shapes, for sure! I really appreciate the depth and detail of this video. Thank you for giving so much information. You are an amazing teacher!

  3. A lot of the shuffle/swing feel comes from what the drummer is doing. In Texas, we have a thing called the Ray Price Shuffle. Unfortunately, we have a lot of rock drummers who want to play rock or blues kick drum patterns. But the Ray Price or Western Swing is the drummer’s kick on 1 & 3, snare or hat on 2 & 4, bass plays either two beat swing or straight 4’s. (It’s really a jazz swing feel.)

    1. Yeah definitely, I’d even say if there is a drummer pretty much all of the swing feel comes from the drummer. You list a great example of a particular swing feel style. It’s exactly that sensibility that I talk about in the video, to be ready for those nuances. Btw, whether a bassist plays “in 2” or “”in 4” – the swing feel of the quarter notes is still based on the swing subdivision. Drummer’s gotta get it and so do we 🙂 👍 Thanks for watching and your great comment!

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