The Flummoxing Phenomenon of Messing up in the Lesson or on Stage

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When Performing doesn’t go as practiced…

There is a reason. And a remedy!

We likely have all been there… aced the tune in the practice room.

Yet, when playing it for the teacher or wanting to show it off on stage, it’s doesn’t go as planned.

What is up with this flummoxing phenomenon?


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The correct use of the metronome is a must for my method and I go into when and precisely how to use it… and why. The metronome is so important in this program that we created a lively character named Skippy – he is a vintage metronome. He will be your trusted side-kick on this epic journey! He has a bit of an attitude but also a lot of wisdom.

Check out two pages from our new book and see what dear Skippy is up to…





FLummoxing phenomenon Ariane Cap bass


Has this ever happened to you? Can you relate? Let us know in the comments!



  • Chris Denslow
    March 25, 2021, 06:57  Reply

    Aaaah the first 2 pages uncovered …finally….awesome!! Cant wait…I wonder what’s on first 96 pages !!

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