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Thunderstruck: Shedding a song Talking-Technique Style

Thunderstruck: Shedding a song Talking-Technique Style

thunderstruck AC/DC ariane Cap

Thunderstruck Technique!

Sure, learning songs is very important; at the same time, I am a big proponent of technique drills on the bass. But why not combine both worlds for a nice double whammy?

That’s what this episode of Talking Technique is about. Get ready to be thunderstruck talking-technique style, because AC/DC inspired a pretty drastic drill here!

AC/DC’s Thunderstruck opening riff becomes the focus here. And since I got so many questions and comments about that: no, it is not a hammer on/pull off situation. Many people make it that to make it easier to play. But if you listen to the record, Angus plucks every note.

To make it work on the bass, we have to change the key to make the necessary open strings available. So, if you want to try this in unison with your guitar player at band rehearsal, make sure to give em a heads up!


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