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Three Awesome Tools to Spice up Your Practice

TrueFire Live video seminar – if you missed it, watch it here!

3 Awesome Tools to Spice up Your Practice (for Guitarists and Bassists)

There is a good reason scales and arpeggios are essential mainstays of any meaningful practice regimen: they will improve your playing and understanding of music measurably. Now, wherever you are on your journey mastering these elements, Ariane has some awesome practicing tools for you! 

Don’t miss:

  • The one gadget that turns any stale scales practice into super sounding music: how to use it, how it works, and how to have hours of fun with the basics, yet sounding like a jaw-dropping virtuoso  
  • An exercise that puts any theoretical concept into a musical context. You won’t want to stop practicing using this fun idea!
  • An awesome way to practice without your instrument. (Even advanced players are often stumped by this, yet it is so simple!)

The PDF hand outs are for download here (it’s a zip file/archive): ArianeCapTrueFireLive_June2017.pdf.



  • Thejohnnewton
    June 7, 2017, 04:24  Reply

    Ok everyone skip the first 5 minutes, technical difficulties, lol

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