Do you Qualify to Receive a Free Copy of the Pattern System for the Bass Player?


Opportunity to Receive 1 of 25 Pattern System Books for free!  [Note: Campaign over and books distributed]

During our super successful Indiegogo campaign to launch The Pattern System for the Bass Player, one of my students (JJ) contacted me about buying two books and donating them to deserving students who aren’t in a position to purchase on their own. 

Word got out about this beautiful act of kindness and soon several more “sponsors” stepped up to build a pool of 25 books to be distributed to 25 lucky soon-to-be recipients. So in order to honor the spirit of these sponsored books, we decided to set up a “contest” to help find the most deserving people to receive these 25 books. Here’s how it will work:


We are looking for 25 dedicated bassists ready and willing to learn, who would appreciate a bit of financial support at the moment.


  • Is the right person for this book: Has basic music theory knowledge either through my first book (Music Theory for the Bass Player) or from prior study. Must know intervals, key signatures and scales, modes, chords, the diatonic cycle. 
  • Is ambitious and dedicated but can’t afford the book right now. 
  • Loves learning, dreams big, has professional aspirations or just wants to play better.
  • All backgrounds, ages and abilities starting at intermediate are welcome to participate.


  • Record a 3-minute video (see below for content) and upload to your YouTube channel.
  • Send YouTube video link to
  • Must be received by October 10th, 2021.


  • First minute of video – share your bass story, why you would benefit from receiving the book, how dedicated you are and anything else that would help us understand why you would make the best of this opportunity.
  • The next two minutes – play bass over this jam track: groove, solo, do what you like. It can be simple but we want to see you demonstrate a basic understanding of theory. If you are a smoking hot player, by all means, go for it!

  • Committee will judge by technical ability (which can be basic), musicality and originality.
  • There is no requirement to substantiate or explain circumstances for financial need. It is understood and trusted that only those who cannot afford to buy the book at this time will apply.   


  • Deciding Committee includes the authors, Ari and Wolf, head coach Fred and coaches of Ari’s 2021 New Year Cohort.
  • The Committee will honor the spirit of the donors by doing its best to select bassists who are eager and motivated to improve their skills.


  • Only one entry per person
  • Videos longer than three minutes will not be considered (3:10 is not a deal breaker, but much longer is not necessary —three minutes is more than enough time for this purpose).
  • ONLY videos that include both the entrants’ bass story and playing sample will be considered.
  • Video quality is irrelevant- just make sure we can hear your bass and see your hands.
  • If you are chosen to be a recipient you must be willing to send us a photo of you with your bass and the book. We won’t use your name, but we want our sponsors to know that their donation was received. This will be your thank you to them!
  • All video entries must be received by October 10th, 2021
  • Recipients will be notified by November 10th, 2021 (via email)

ONE MORE THING (actually 3 more):


Check out Josh Cohen’s Tapping Practice Group

Tapping Josh Cohen

Tapping is just for solo bass… right?

Absolutely not! While tapping is certainly an integral part of a solo bass performance, it is and can be so much more. And as with any expansive bass technique (eg slapping, harmonics, etc), it can be viewed as another tool in your toolbox. 

I recently did a live stream with Josh Cohen, someone who has embraced tapping in a big way and we talked about what it is (and what it is not!) and how it can be useful for everyone – not just those who aspire to perform in a solo bass setting.

How can Tapping help me?

Learning tapping can improve your overall fingerstyle playing in several ways:

  1. Technique – By learning to play two separate and independent bass parts, you are training yourself to think ahead, create and play in real-time. That is a huge benefit for all styles and types of playing!
  2. Harmony – When tapping, one of your tapping hands in effect, mimics one hand of a pianist, by playing two and three-note chords. Or a melody. Thinking in these terms (“chordally” and melodically), will absolutely expand your musical vocabulary and undoubtedly open up new and exciting possibilities for your basslines!

Listen to Josh Cohen Talk Tapping with me!

During a recent Livestream with Josh, he expanded on these as well as other key points about Tapping that are probably on your mind. We also dispel a few of the most common misconceptions surrounding Tapping during our Q & A segment.

As a reminder, Josh will be the first guest teacher on our Practice Groups platform. So if we piqued your interest, be sure to grab a seat in his 10-week group. 


Tapping Group with Josh is currently not available. Check here for current offerings with Josh.

Tapping Josh Cohen

Rhythm’s Gonna Get ‘Ya! Two Notes – Many Options (Video 5)

Rhythm’s Gonna Get ‘Ya! (Mini- Series Video 5)

Two notes – many options!

Swing feel math! It’s a bit like hitting the “quantize” button in your DAW: how shuffled do you want it? When I show this grid of options of just playing two notes with various rhythms and feels, it is usually a big revelation to my students. Enjoy! 

Two notes, one click:


Put your thought into these details, they will make all the difference! Let me know how it goes in your grooves in the comments! And if you liked these tips check out my full offerings here:


Make sure to also watch:


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