Rhythm’s Gonna Get Ya: Phrasing is Everything! [Video 3 of 5]

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What is Phrasing? It’s everything!

This under-appreciated detail can make or break a groove. Rhythmic phrasing is a vital piece of phrasing.

Are you conscious of your note lengths and attacks? Together with dynamics and other aspects of music, they make phrasing. If you have a listening drummer it makes every jam ever so more delicious! Check out some tips!  

Don’t be a-phrased… Check it out


Make sure to also watch part 1 on Shuffled Versus Straight and part 2 on Syncopated versus straight of the series




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  • Natalie
    August 19, 2021, 17:07  Reply

    Amazing that it can sound so different by how you play it.
    Thanks for the detailed analysis

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