Rhythm’s Gonna Get Ya: Syncopated Confusion! [Video 2 of 5]

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Rhythm’s Gonna Get Ya! (Video 2 of 5)

This happened to me at a rehearsal once. We were all giving the sixteenth notes a slight shuffle but one of us was playing them completely straight.
Me: “Hang on, the rhythm isn’t clicking. Give it a bit of a shuffle.”

Bandmate: “Shuffle? It’s not a shuffle.”

Me: “Yeah, it’s shuffled. You are playing it completely straight. That’s not the feel.”

Bandmate: “Oh, you want syncopated?”


Listen, I am not about being the theory or rhythm police, but you gotta communicate right. Or listen right, or whatever. And the fact is that syncopated is not the same as shuffled.

Don’t believe me?

I show you a straight rhythm that is syncopated and a shuffled rhythm that is syncopated!

Watch here!



Make sure to also watch part 1 of the series: Straight v Shuffle

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  • DAVID Ammerman
    August 12, 2021, 15:05  Reply

    Ari, cool mini focused series on rhythm TY! rhythm, with all its nuances, something I want to improve on.
    A few examples of songs with these different rhythmic nuances in them to reference, a footnote section with songs to check out that are examples. Example baseline in ” Papa was a rolling stone” is that syncopation. Easy to play hard to make sound right.

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