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Efficient Practice Hacks

Efficient Practice Hacks

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Always on the hunt for the biggest pay-off for your practicing time…

I am taking on an important and often overlooked aspect in this Talking Technique Episode: Feedback!

We learn effectively (and unconsciously) through feedback loops all the time. And we are excellent at it, whether we know it or not! After all, this is how we learned to talk, walk and be in the world when we were little. Sometimes the feed-back comes from outside – in the form of encouragement, smiles, excited parents. But more often than not we learn how to become our own best teachers when it comes to using feedback! The world gives us feed-back constantly. For example, when we learn to walk, we carefully train our bodies to receive feedback on this wicked gravity thing… until we develop the proper balance.

As bass players we use feed-back data all the time – just by listening to ourselves, practicing with the goal of getting the notes, the timing, the phrasing etc right… In this episode I take learning through feedback a few steps further. By using the four tools described in the article and by being smart about how exactly we use the feedback we can make unexpected leaps and bounds in our playing. Read the article for the four best feedback tools (you have them all!) and for the best way to use them. Below is the guide referenced in the article to download directly. Enjoy, and stay in the loop!

Read the article on notreble.

Download the handy guide below.

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