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A Beautiful Story

A Beautiful Story

Update September 2021

If you would like to donate to our Initiative please PayPal $50 for a domestic recipient to info[at]arisbassblog.com and put book donation in the subject line. We will confirm receipt.

This donation campaigns ends on 10-10-2021

A Beautiful Story

When I first launched my Indiegogo campaign for my second book “The Pattern System For The Bass Player”, it was greeted with a lot of eager backers. We were grateful and excited. And then I get an email from a course participant and student named “J.” saying that he just backed the campaign and that he’d like to sponsor someone else by purchasing another book so he can be part of spreading the bass-goodness even further. Would I know someone?

I was blown away by this act of kindness – and I wanted to make sure these donated books made it into the hands of two deserving candidates.

I remembered how back in January, I did a study on my PORA method and asked for volunteers. I got lots of responses and settled on the first 25. These guys committed to a practice routine I gave them, met with me 5 days in a row doing PORA, answering questionnaires and observing their own progress closely. They gave me so much of their time and were super excited to participate! It was such a pleasure to meet them, especially because they were from all over the world!

There were two candidates in particular that I could tell came from backgrounds where purchasing my book would be out of their financial reach. They were apologetic for not having my first book and relying on the free content from my website and other outlets. They were so polite and respectful – I can’t think of two more deserving people to offer a special thank you gift. So, thanks to our student J, we will send each a copy of the book – one going to South America and one to a country on the Baltic Sea.

I have a feeling they will both put them to excellent use.

Then J. wanted to add one more book and this time I asked him to choose a recipient. He picked a friend who plays bass and has fallen on hard times.

Every single book that will ship when this Indiegogo campaign closes in early May is filled with our best wishes for finding bliss through deep bass work and much success applying our materials with bands, at gigs, and on recordings. Please send us your success videos. Film yourself practicing the drills. We’d love to see you bring it to life!

What a beautiful story!

Thanks so very much, J!

And Skippy – our book’s superhero sidekick – agrees that paying forward the smile is good luck!

If you would like to donate a book to a candidate of your choice, please contact us. We would be happy to work with you to make it happen.

May 2nd is the last day for you to participate in our Indiegogo campaign and take advantage of the amazing pre-order deals and perks. Find out more here.

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2 Replies to “A Beautiful Story”

  1. Man, the world needs more people like J. Awesome of you too for making sure the book went to people that truly deserved it. Well done all around.

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