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Ari at Truefire LIVE

Ari at Truefire LIVE

truefire liv

Tune in, Ask Questions, Connect!

Truefire Live is an interactive live broadcast  – a seminar with live Q & A. Since this is my first one, I cannot tell you exactly how it works, but knowing Truefire, the tech end will be super easy, clean and smooth! Bookmark the link on the bottom!

I have a course out with Truefire.com – Pentatonic Playground for Bass. You can purchase the download or get the DVD. I am very proud of this course and to be a Truefire educator! Truefire is a true educational powerhouse and one of the first at that.

Please join me for this online event. I want to make it interactive and get to as many of your questions as possible.

3 Awesome Tools to Spice up Your Practice (for Guitarists and Bassists)

There is a good reason scales and arpeggios are essential mainstays of any meaningful practice regimen: they will improve your playing and understanding of music measurably. Now, wherever you are on your journey mastering these elements, here are some awesome practicing tools for you!
Don’t miss:

  • The one gadget that turns any stale scales practice into super sounding music: how to use it, how it works, and how to have hours of fun with the basics, yet sounding like a jaw-dropping virtuoso
  • An exercise that puts any theoretical concept into a musical context. You won’t want to stop practicing using this fun idea!
  • An awesome way to practice without your instrument. (Even advanced players are often stumped by this, yet it is so simple!)

Click on the link below to watch recording.



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