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Hi Bay Area Friends,

I will be doing a rare in-person clinic with Q&A, book signing and wall chart signing at one of my favorite Bay Area Music Stores, Bananas at Large in San Rafael.

Some FAQs about the event:

Bring instrument?

Come to just listen or bring your bass to play along, plug in or not, up to you. But if you bring it, you will probably enhance your learning experience. Most likely we won’t have everyone plug in, but I encourage everyone to play along.

What levels?

If I say all levels will get something out of this, it may sound impossible. However, I mean it, because I show you productive ways to practice music theory and use it in grooves, solos and fills. If you are more advanced, pull from your more advanced pallet, and move all over the fretboard. If you are just learning the basics, you can stick to the more foundational ideas. I will be presenting concepts that make music theory practice accessible and useful. And they are easy to do, sound great and are very practical. My goal is for you to take home a few core concepts that you can immediately use in your practice or rehearsal room.

Any pre-requesites?

Just have passion and interest in learning the bass. I start out with a very basic exercise that sometimes even stumped the best of em. Yet, this exercise addresses something that often confuses beginners. It will be productive, I promise, and I never put anyone on the spot.

This clinic is free. Made possible by Bananas at Large.


  • bergstrom.mike
    May 18, 2017, 17:07  Reply

    can’t wait!!!!

    Signing books and wall charts?

    Looking forward to meeting you in person.

    • Ari
      May 18, 2017, 18:26

      Likewise, Mike, will be great to meet in person! Yes, I will bring that Sharpie 😉

  • bergstrom.mike
    May 18, 2017, 19:18  Reply

    I hope you’re interesting, driving 3.5 hours each way just to see Ari-Wan in person.

    No pressure….

    • Ari
      May 18, 2017, 20:18

      Lol, okay, no pressure! The person from the farthest away should win a prize: as many SVT210AV Bass Speaker Cabinets they can carry with one hand! We ave people announced coming from as far as Germany, so not sure if you’d win… Mike, it’ll be great to meet, that’s for sure 🙂

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