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Bass New Year’s Resolutions!

Have you made New Year’s resolutions before about playing more bass only to break them within a few weeks?

The Truth about learning an instrument is…

It takes a bit of patience and discipline.

Our 20 unit course is systematic and in-depth. From technique to grooves, from applying theory to fills, grooves and solos, from styles analysis to mastering the fretboard basics – the course covers a lot of ground!  

To go through a course this rich and comprehensive and get the most out of it – like everything worthwhile – takes a bit of focus and determination.

There are technique drills that get progressively harder, theory exercises that are sometimes brain twisters and in general, I push you to practice in a smart and focused way so you get real, and reliable results.  

Some people long for personal support in this process!

I have a coaching background – I am a certified Tiny Habits™ Coach, NLP Trainer and practicing routine nerd – so I really heard these requests and dug deep to find a solution to help in this online format….

So, last year – right around this time – we decided to try something new and quite revolutionary:

A Course with peer support, various levels of feedback and built-in accountability! The Cohort was born!

We had lots of ideas to test and some technical hurdles to overcome so we tried the first run in a free beta version. And we learned a lot! Over the course of the year – mind you, the course goes over 40 weeks – we experimented with various processes, changed forums around, tweaked bits and pieces and watched lots and lots of videos that our participants submitted. We surveyed and listened.

The results were outstanding!

  • 35% of all who started made it all the way through, completely on schedule! 
  • Of the ones who started, 70% made it more than halfway through. (Compare that to the 10% of people who typically stick to their New Year’s resolutions!)
  • And everyone surveyed said the cohort helped them stick with it much more than without it!

We took all we learned to heart and are now proud to present to you:

Our New Years Cohort 2.0

Sign up now! This will be the only Cohort we offer in 2020!

We start on January 19th (first Cohort webinar 1-5-2020)

What is it?

An amazing ride and quite the experience.

We keep it real and we keep it realistic.

  • What I ask of you is to reserve 45 minutes 5 times a week. More is welcome, but 45 x 5 works!
  • You will make your own specific “commitments” each unit. 
  • And then you will record yourself (short videos)
  • Precise instructions on what to do
  • Join monthly LIVE check-ins to keep you on track (in addition to Ask Ari Live for bass questions)
  • Cohort Graduates will encourage you and help you stay current
  • Peer support – you will want to show up!
  • Includes our popular Before and After Skills Assessment

In Cohort 2.0, there are several tiers, depending on how much feedback you are looking for

Get feedback from Ari and Wolf, and even lessons.

The higher tiers have extremely limited space.  

This is for you if you are serious and want to make big gains this year.

new years cohort 2.0 2020


A few things to note:

*Because we have only very limited space for these tiers, tiers “Feedback” and “One-on-One” offer no money-back guarantees.  

Do you already own the Course and would like to join a Cohort?
As you know, I reward my early adopters! We credit you 75% of your original tuition!

Here is how to do this – follow instructions precisely, no exceptions:
1 – proof of purchase of your original course paid in full.
2 – the cohort tier you’d like to choose.
3 – whether you will choose an installment plan or up-front payments.
Please send all of the above in one email to qualify. Use the contact form or reply to a newsletter.


To find out more about the course 

If the course seems too big of a commitment, try our new Core Principles Course. It is brand new, a foundational music theory course for bass players! All new video (2 hours and 40 minutes) and currently 50% off!




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