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The New Platform is OPEN!

The New Platform is OPEN!

Obsessed with Your Success

And we are incredibly proud to unveil course 2.0 – now open on the new platform!

To say we are obsessed with making this course the best it can be so you will excel on the bass is an understatement: since November 2017, I and the A-team have been tweaking, creating, re-creating, testing, pulling our hair out, testing and enhancing yet again.  Night-shifts and lots of coffee!

Here are some of the new features we have added:

  • Wicked Theory quizzes that will help you remember the material
  • Powerful Coaching questions – research has shown that if we write down our goals we are much more likely to reach them. These questions are very specific – dig deep and you will reap the rewards!
  • A great new layout – all 20 units with their 8 sub folders are now very easy to navigate! Plus:
    • Motivating Progress Bars
    • Videos remember where you left off
  • You can now slow down videos (and make me sound really drunk!)
  • Discussion Forums
  • When you finished a unit you now get a lovely reward!
  • Reminders and reviews – we know they really work and that you love them!
  • Coaching videos – I can’t practice for you, but I can use words and strategies to help you stick with it!
  • Ask Ari Live – live interaction with the course creators – meet my own teacher and ask us any question you may have!
  • New content – thanks to you for providing valuable input and feedback! We listened and edited and added, tweaked and enhanced!
  • Our Money-back guarantee also got a lift: 20 days to evaluate risk-free!

What does not change

Life Time Access – go at the pace that is right for you!

Current Course Participants 

Yes, I am keeping my promise to you – whether you were an early bird or signed up any other time with any plan – you will get grandfathered in!

All the new features, no increase.

This is my thank you to early adopters and loyal course ninjas! We are porting you over in the next few days. You will receive an email with instructions on how to switch over for free. It will be easy as pie.

Don’t know what the course is?

This course is for growth-minded people who like to learn the smart way. It includes innovative coaching and interactive quizzes to help you succeed.

After 20 years of teaching bass to hundreds of students, I’ve found the closest thing to a magic bullet that can take your playing to the next stage.

The key is a thoughtful, step-by-step program that combines – for starters – two important skills: A solid technique, and an understanding of music theory so deep it becomes intuitive.

Why do I start with those two? See what happens when you put these together:

  • The technique improves your timing (groove is everything!).
  • The theory provides the building blocks that grooves are made of.

You reach a point where you can just pick up the bass and jam– spontaneously create your own bass lines and grooves as you play better than you ever imagined! 

This will not happen overnight. Have no doubt about it: It takes a bit of discipline, courage and an open mind.  

And the good news is: in this ourse you don’t have to do it alone or figure it out for yourself. All you do is show up and follow our instructions and exercises. 45 minutes 5 times a week get proven results. We are with you every step of the way, including live Q and As where you can even “come on stage” and ask away!

In this course, we do drills and exercises in a systematic, progressive fashion. It is structured and comprehensive, yet always challenging. The exercises train YOUR creativity and keep you on your toes throughout all 20 units. A few favorite exercises:

  • “Groove & Fill”
  • “Call & Response”
  • “Creative Notefinders”
  •  Styles Analysis
  •  Finger Kung Fu
  •  Theory Practice
  •  Bass Line Lab

If you were one of my private students, I would sit down with you personally and show you how to master your technique while gaining a deep understanding of music theory.

But I currently have a waiting list for private lessons, and not everyone can meet me in person, or afford single lessons. That’s why I created Music Theory for the Bass Player–The Online Course.

Now you can learn from anywhere, at your own pace, on your own schedule, at a very affordable price. And you can come back to the lessons as often as you need to.

Do you sincerely want to take your bass playing to the next stage?

It’s one thing to understand music theory the way an arranger or a composer does. That’s enough to write out notes on a staff so they sound good.

But while you’re actually playing, you don’t have time to mentally transpose this into a bass line.

That’s why I teach music theory the way a bass player learns naturally: Using patterns and shapes on the fretboard that bass players are already familiar with.

Do you dare to try a different approach?

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