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Two Great Gifts in one Email (and Solo Bass Night)

Two Great Gifts in one Email (and Solo Bass Night)

I have been gigging and traveling non-stop: London, Austria, Germany, Florida, San Francisco. So, no educational blog this week, but I do bring gifts!

Solo Bass Night VII in LA

(Read on for gifts!)

Solo Bass Night was such a celebration in the Bay Area (sold out!), we are doing it all over again in LA (tickets at www.solobassnight.com). Come celebrate the Art of Solo Bass with us

Thursday • November 14th 2019
Gruv Gear Headquarters
511 S. Harbor Blvd. Ste S La Habra CA 90631

Amazing performances on tap from bass giants like

  • Stu Hamm
  • Norm Stockton
  • Josh Cohen
  • Kai Kurosawa
  • Jayme Lewis
  • Johnnie Gilmore
  • Ariane Cap with Paul Hanson.

Gifts/Discounts: use “SBN19”

Have you heard about the BackBeat? 

The BackBeat is an exciting new device that turns your bass notes into vibrations you actually feel!  It’s wearable, portable and self-contained. It adds a whole new dimension to your playing experience!

I am a proud brand new endorser of this truly innovative new product which literally has your back like nothing else!


And here is gift 1:

Use code “SBN19” on BackBeat’s website (www.getbackbeat.com) and get their standard BackBeat package plus:

  • $25 off
  • Free cool case
  • Free shipping (US only)

Use this fast, it expires 11-17-2019

And by the way, adding the code will let BackBeat know that you are getting a free case. No need to add one in addition to your order. Using the code means: free case coming your way 🙂


But that’s not all… (gift 2)

My policy is to never offer a gift without adding one of my own to the mix. And here it is: Sign up for my Ear Training or Music Theory Course and get 20% off (offer good until Monday the 18th this month!).

Just key in that same promo code – SBN19 – during checkout to grab your 20% savings.

Choose a Fast Track or Steady Track for the Music Theory course, or fine-tune your ears with my new Ear Confidence course.

All these courses include access to my monthly live “Ask Ari” Q&A session and our interactive Forum.


These two offers are independent of each other. Take advantage of just one, or use both and save big!

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One Reply to “Two Great Gifts in one Email (and Solo Bass Night)”

  1. I was in the audience of bass players at the Oakland Sound Room for the Bay Area show—all of the performers were astounding, especially Professor Cap and Paul Hanson. A show featuring any one of these virtuoso bassists would be great, but so many at once, unbelievable.

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