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Bass Player Magazine introduces the Wall Chart

Bass Player Magazine introduces the Wall Chart

Bass PLayer Magazine Ariane Cap

Bass Player Magazine acknowledges the Music Theory for the Bass Player Wall Chart

A super big thank you to Bass Player Magazine for acknowledging the wall chart! I always read that magazine cover to cover when it arrives in my mail box. I am really old fashioned that way – when it comes to that particular mag! With all the online hustle and bustle, I still like holding that one in my hands.

And I got the shelves full of ’em to prove it (right now in storage. I so miss them!). Just the transcriptions alone are a treasure trove!

Read the release here. It also contains a few key thoughts that are behind the creation of the wall chart. It goes into the book and it talks about what exactly is on it. Enjoy!

Bass PLayer Magazine Ariane Cap

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