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Music Theory Wall Chart – Taking Pre-Orders Now

Music Theory Wall Chart – Taking Pre-Orders Now

Music Theory Wall Chart, Bass

Ariane Cap Wall ChartThe Wall Chart is ready!

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Wall Wisdom at 17 by 28 inches
for $24.95

An 18 by 27 inch visual reminder of important music theory basics!

Enrich your practice room!

Music theory needs hands-on practicing just like everything else. Just knowing and understanding it “in theory” is not enough. Having shapes under your fingers to use them in a musical situation effectively is where it’s at. To help keep the most important points to remember fresh in your mind, hang this comprehensive and clever wall chart in your practice room: it arranges the most important building blocks of music in a visually appealing and easy-to-grasp chart, with reference to the fretboard.

The Music Theory for the Bass Player Wall Chart is…

  • a stand-alone resource for everyone familiar with the basics of music theory
  • a great add-on to the book to serve as a visual reminder and summary
  • a 17 by 28 inches sized high quality offset printed poster
  • created to be visually appealing, inspiring and informative through the use of fretboard diagrams, photos and examples
  • professionally designed by a team of designers led by the author with input from students and readers of Ariane’s book

Music Theory Wall Chart, BassIt contains, in logical presentation:

  • How notes are organized in a piano as well as fretboard diagram to aide visual memorization
  • Intervals and their inversions with fretboard diagrams, best fingering examples and tips for identifying them by ear
  • A whole new way to think about intervals: Ari’s Interval Formula
  • Triads with fretboard diagrams and best fingering practices
  • explanations of how triads and sevenths chords are built, correctly named and how they sound
  • Scales:
    • major and natural minor scales: how to best think about their construction for improvising and grooving
    • relative and parallel scale relationships
    • pentatonic and blues scales, both major and minor
    • an easy to memorize blueprint for the blues
    • the modes (of the major scale): their sounds and shortcuts for creating them
  • The Cycle of Fifths as well as the Diatonic Cycle of Fifths and how to construct them

Instructions on how to use the chart for practicing.

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2 Replies to “Music Theory Wall Chart – Taking Pre-Orders Now”

  1. Ari, love it.
    Will it be available in the UK. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for to hang in my bassman cave!!

    1. Hi Lee, haha, yes, perfect for the bass mancave 🙂 Taking international orders with the order button. Shipping is rather high but you can add up to five posters in a tube for the price of one shipping fee, so if you have some fellow UK bass buds you can share the shipping fee. Just use the order button, paypal figures out the shipping address and charges automatically.

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