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Side by side comparison: Old versus New Platform

Side by side comparison: Old versus New Platform

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The new Platform is now OPEN!

Tuition going up October 20th! Enroll now and SAVE!

Great Job Ari, your team did a great Job. Still the BEST Music Theory book/course, money can buy. Still a bargain. You get so much for so little. Can’t thank you enough.
-Alex Acosta

After finishing the course last year there was a hiatus in practice – did put the lessons to practice on guitar…fooled around with synths and drum computers :-).When the new course came along I have started with unit 1 again and I must say that remembering the way I started originally and what I am able to do now amazes me.Having a fresh start I notice things that I did not notice before, …
-What I am able to do now amazes me

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One Reply to “Side by side comparison: Old versus New Platform”

  1. The new platform looks GREAT! This is still the best money I’ve ever spent on bass instruction (besides your book of course … and private lessons with you).

    Well worth the $$$ and the fact that it’s lifetime access … makes it even better!

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