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What Scales to Use over a Blues (not just Blues Scales)

  31.05.2017   Ari   Learn, Theory and Improv   No comments

What to use – over a blues – when you are tired of blues scales… I got a question in  about scales to use for soloing over a blues but

Ari at Truefire LIVE

Tune in, Ask Questions, Connect! Truefire Live is an interactive live broadcast  - a seminar with live Q & A. Since this is my first one, I cannot tell you exactly

Is E# a chord?

  30.05.2017   Ari   Learn, Theory and Improv   3 Comments

E# – Maybe not so Sharp? Got a question, here is my answer. The short answer is, well sort of: musicians would know what to do when encountering an E#

If D minor and F major contain all the same notes, do they have all the same chords? (Yes, but watch Chord Functions!)

  27.05.2017   Ari   Learn, Theory and Improv   No comments

Well, yes, BUT: there is a crucial difference to understand…. and that difference lies in chord functions. It is all in how notes relate to what is perceived as “home”.

Quiet E string? Bass not sounding balanced?

  25.05.2017   Ari   Performance Hacks, Tips   6 Comments

Is your Bass sounding Timid and Quiet on one particular string? In a bass we want as balanced a sound as possible. If one of the strings is by its

Beautiful Practice in Minor

  22.05.2017   Ari   Teaching Videos, Videos   1 Comment

Beautiful Practice in Minor Remember Beautiful Practice? I did this exercise in major and it made a favorites’ list on notreble. So I thought I bring it back, this time

Doing a Clinic Near You?

Online is great - but in person is best Big thanks to Shaana and Bananas at Large  in San Rafael for putting today's clinic on! Cheers to everyone who came out to join

Happy Walls… The Wall Chart (AKA Music Theory Cheat Sheet)

The wall chart – AKA the Music Theory Cheat Sheet – has arrived on walls all over the globe… New orders are pouring in every day. We have shipped to

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