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Looking for a Christmas Gift for the Bassist in Your Life?

Our Course shows up on a lot of Christmas lists this season. If you’d like to give the course as a gift, we can create a lovely stocking stuffer for you. It looks like this:




Just purchase the course and forward us the purchase confirmation. We create the custom code for you right away and email you the card. When your loved bassist registers, all s/he needs to do is to input the code instead of payment and the course starts. The coupon code is valid until January 31st, but we can extend that if needed. The code will work only once and is customized. Once registered, there is lifetime access to the course materials!

As you may have heard, we are currently migrating to a new platform. The price as well as look of the course will change at that point and there will be additional features. If you sign up now, you take advantage of the current tuition, lifetime access will not change, and you will have the choice to be grandfathered into the new platform or stay on the current one.  

To activate this coupon, just purchase the course for your loved one and forward us the confirmation with the headline CODE PLEASE. We also need their name.

Happy Holidays!

And, sorry, we don’t do sales. Read here, why.

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  • Mauro
    December 21, 2017, 10:11  Reply

    Fantastic and creative way to give a gift with this code! Super idea!

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