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Frequently used Cycle Chord Progression

Some songs feature the entire diatonic cycle, but many feature just parts of it. In this video I explore a very common chord progression contained in the diatonic cycle. This cycle chord progression is abundant in pop. We know to jump descending fifths (or ascending fourths, respectively), sure, but thirds? Did you ever notice that?

Give the background track a good whirl and see if you can come up with grooves, solos and a combination of the two (groove solos!)

Enjoy, and please let me know what results you are getting!



VIDEO 5 Cycle AC

Background track to jam to:

This video is part of a five-segment promotional mini-series I created in June 2015 for the online-education powerhouse TrueFire.

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Thanks for watching!

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Cycle Chord Progression Video 5 of 5   Votan Marleaux XS


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